Natural Vitality Calm – The Best Magnesium Supplement for Reducing Stress and Promoting Relaxation



Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Nature’s “Chill Pill”

Stress and anxiety are an unfortunate yet common part of modern life. Juggling work, family, and other obligations can stretch us thin, making it difficult to find the time and space for real relaxation. And without adequate rest, it’s easy for stress and worry to build up day after day.

Fortunately, there is a safe, natural way to help relieve stress and promote relaxation in both body and mind – magnesium. Dubbed “nature’s chill pill,” supplemental magnesium has been shown in clinical studies to support balanced mood and help manage the effects of stress.

Introducing Natural Vitality CALM, the #1 best-selling magnesium supplement on the market. Sourced from the ocean and crafted into an easily absorbed citrate form, CALM’s magnesium promotes muscle and nerve relaxation while activating your parasympathetic nervous system for deep calm.

With just two teaspoons per day (providing a clinically studied 325 mg of magnesium), you too can experience the stress-relieving power of one of nature’s most vital minerals. Keep reading to learn more about the CALM advantage.

Why Magnesium for Stress Relief and Relaxation?

Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral that plays a role in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body. It promotes cardiovascular and cognitive health while also regulating muscle and nerve function.

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that a staggering 80% of Americans may be deficient in this critical nutrient. Processed foods, chemical-laden water, and nutrient-depleted soil make it difficult to get enough magnesium through diet alone.

By providing a highly absorbable form of supplemental magnesium, CALM helps fill this nutritional gap. As an additional benefit, magnesium has also been studied extensively for its ability to:

– Promote balanced mood and relieve stress
– Support restful sleep
– Relax muscles and calm restless legs
– Reduce tension headaches
– Support focus and concentration
– Improve PMS symptoms

Simply put, sufficient magnesium allows your parasympathetic “rest and digest” nervous system to activate, signaling your body it’s time to unwind. This makes supplemental magnesium an excellent natural option for relaxation and stress relief.

The CALM Difference

CALM sets itself apart from other magnesium supplements in several key ways:

– Proprietary Formula – CALM combines magnesium carbonate with citric acid to create a highly soluble effervescent blend that easily dissociates into ionic magnesium citrate when added to water. Studies show magnesium citrate is significantly better absorbed than cheaper forms like magnesium oxide.

– Greater Absorbability – CALM magnesium absorbs through the ion channel mechanism, bypassing the intestine’s limitation on non-ionized magnesium absorption. The end result is that you get more magnesium into your cells where it’s needed most.

– Superior Tolerability – For individuals susceptible to GI upset from magnesium, CALM’s gradual mineral absorption helps deliver its relaxing benefits without the laxative effects often associated with oral magnesium supplements.

– Clean Ingredients – Free from gluten, vegan, non-GMO, and made without artificial colors or flavors, CALM contains just two ingredients – magnesium carbonate and citric acid.

– Delicious Flavor – CALM has a light, tart taste when mixed with water. Add a splash of juice or sparkling water for a refreshing guilt-free relaxer. Kids love it too!

– Trusted Brand – Developed by Dr. David E. Stout in 1982, CALM was the first magnesium supplement of its kind. For over 40 years, the Natural Vitality brand has sourced high quality ingredients to create best-in-class wellness products.

The CALM Commitment

At Natural Vitality, sustainability and social responsibility are just as important as the products themselves.

The company lives by its B corporation motto – that business success should not come at the detriment of people, communities or the environment.

To uphold these values, Natural Vitality:

– Sustainably harvests marine magnesium from the Pacific Ocean
– Uses recyclable packaging and eco-friendly manufacturing practices
– Donates a percentage of each sale to nonprofits
– Maintains exceptional transparency around ingredients and sourcing
– Promotes workplace diversity, equality, and work/life balance

You can feel good knowing that when you choose CALM, you choose a brand that cares.

The World’s #1 Magnesium Supplement

With over 100 million servings sold, CALM is far and away the most popular magnesium supplement on the market today.

It’s the best-sellingstress reliever in the natural products industry, outselling the next top 10 relaxation formulas combined.

CALM also boasts over 25,000 5-star reviews across retailers like Amazon, testament to its ability to help consumers de-stress and unwind.

Experience the CALM Effect for Yourself

Why wait another day feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? Join millions of other CALM users and see what magnesium can do for


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