Non Alcoholic Beer and Wine 5 Pack Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen and Fre Brut Champagne Business & Holiday Gift Ideas Sampler Pack



Give the gift of sophisticated flavor this holiday season with this sampler pack of non-alcoholic beer and wine. Featuring two of the most beloved alcohol-free beverages, this set allows you to enjoy the complex tastes and effervescence of beer and champagne without the alcohol. An ideal gift for hosts, designated drivers, expecting mothers, or anyone looking to cut back on alcohol, this pack offers a festive way to celebrate while staying sober and hydrated.

An Elevated Taste for Every Occasion

At the heart of this gift pack are two crowning jewels of non-alcoholic beverages: Weihenstephaner’s world-famous alcohol-free Hefeweizen and FRE Brut’s beautifully balanced alcohol-removed champagne. Weihenstephaner’s Hefeweizen offers a delightfully crisp, smooth taste with hints of clove and banana for a flavor nearly indistinguishable from its alcoholic counterpart. Meanwhile, FRE Brut imparts an elegant effervescence with notes of green apple, ripe pear, and strawberry. Neither drink tastes like it’s missing alcohol – only that sophistication and balance are added.

From client dinners to office holiday parties to evenings relaxing at home, this duo provides flavorful, nuanced options for every situation. The Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen adds an upscale, artisanal flair to casual gatherings with friends. Crack open an ice-cold bottle and enjoy its subtle sweetness and mild wheatiness. The lively FRE Brut, on the other hand, brings graceful bubbles and a dry, fruity taste perfect for toasting special moments and milestones. Both shine brilliance and complexity to ordinary moments.

Two Crowning Examples of Expert Non-Alcoholic Craft

This sampler set brings together two beverages crafted to perfection by companies with centuries of experience and commitment to their craft. Weihenstephaner’s legendary brewery in Bavaria, Germany is considered by some to be the oldest functioning brewery in the world, with brewing experience dating back to the year 1040. Their Hefeweizen stays true to the 300-year-old recipe, imparting the same rich, nuanced flavors through a specialized cold filtration process that removes the alcohol while preserving taste.

Meanwhile, FRE was founded by father-son winemakers with 50 combined years crafting top champagne. Made in the Champagne region of France, FRE Brut is elaborated through traditional champagne-making methods before the alcohol is gently removed. The result is a sophisticated alcohol-free champagne worthy of pairing with fine foods or sipping on its own.

The Perfect Alcohol-Free Gift

Give your clients, coworkers, hosts, and loved ones a gift to remember this holiday season with this premium non-alcoholic beer and wine sampler pack. It provides sophisticated flavor for the designated driver, allows expecting moms to join in the fun, and shows your support for those cutting back on alcohol. Pop a bottle in the fridge before a gathering so guests can rejoice with bubbly flutes in hand, minus the alcohol-induced fog the next day. Or bring it along to client dinners and parties to enjoy and share without compromising sobriety or professionalism.

However you crack open these bottles, what’s inside celebrates milestones, sparks meaningful conversations, and creates memorable moments. Pick up this 5-pack today and give the gift of celebratory flavor they’ll remember long after the holiday season.


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