Nutella Hazelnut Spread Piping Bags (6 Pack) – Bulk Supply for Bakeries, Restaurants, and Catering



Spread Joy with Nutella, The World’s Most Iconic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, in Bulk Piping Bags Perfect for Restaurants, Bakeries, and Caterers.

Nutella is truly one of the most beloved and iconic spreads in the world. With its irresistibly creamy texture and delicious hazelnut chocolate flavor, Nutella has been spreading joy on breakfast treats and desserts for over 50 years.

Now you can share the delicious taste of Nutella with all of your customers in convenient bulk piping bags perfect for restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and any food service business.

Each 35.2 oz Piping Bag Contains the Rich, Creamy Nutella You Know and Love

These jumbo piping bags come pre-filled with real Nutella straight from the Ferrero factory in Italy. No mixing or mess, just easy dispensing right from the piping tip.

Made with quality ingredients, Nutella contains a perfect balance of cocoa and hazelnuts to create its distinctive chocolatey flavor and smooth, spreadable texture.

Customers of all ages can’t resist its unique taste – it’s the perfect ingredient for making breakfast pastries, crepes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and countless other sweet treats even more delicious.

Perfect for Restaurants, Bakeries, Caterers & Food Service

Whether you run a bustling bakery, manage a popular restaurant, or cater large special events, these bulk Nutella piping bags are ideal for your business.

Great for quickly filling cannolis, eclairs, crepes, pancakes, waffles, and more to satisfy customers. The 11.6 inch bag length makes it easy to pipe Nutella directly onto foods or into batter.

No need to scoop or transfer Nutella from tubs or jars. The reusable twist tie closure prevents mess and helps Nutella stay fresh. Just snip the end and pipe away!

Use Nutella as a sweet filling, a decadent drizzle, or fold it into batters and frostings. It’s a versatile secret ingredient to make your foods extra special.

Bulk Case of 6 Piping Bags = 211.2 oz Total

Each 35.2 oz piping bag contains enough delicious Nutella to top 70 waffles or fill 120 cannolis.

With 6 bags in a case, you’ll get 211.2 oz total of Nutella to use in your restaurant, bakery or catering business. That’s over 13 pounds of everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread!

Having a bulk supply on hand means you can quickly add a touch of Nutella to satisfy customer cravings anytime. It’s great for topping hot off the griddle pancakes at breakfast or filling crispy crepes for dessert.

Nutella Offers Sizes for Every Food Service Need

In addition to these bulk piping bags, Nutella is available in a variety of convenient sizes for restaurants, bakeries, and catering:

– 35.3 oz Jars – The iconic size customers recognize. Perfect for self-serve stations.

– 3.5 lb Tubs – Larger tubs for scooping in the kitchen.

– 7.05 lb Buckets – Even bigger bulk supply for high volume.

– Grab & Go Packs – Single-serve packets for takeout and catering.

With so many options, it’s easy to find the right Nutella format for your food service operation.

Bring the Joy of Nutella to Your Customers

Now you can share the one-of-a-kind Nutella experience with all your patrons. See their faces light up when you add a touch of silky, chocolatey Nutella!

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