Paldo Fun & Yum Lime Lobster King Cup Ramyun Korean Noodles, Seafood Flavored Instant Soup, 110g x 16 Pack



Take your taste buds on an adventure with Paldo Fun & Yum Lime Lobster King Cup Ramyun. This Korean ramyun features a tangy lime and lobster broth that perfectly balances the wheat-flour noodles and freeze-dried seafood mix. Just add boiling water and let it cook for 3 minutes to transform these instant noodles into a restaurant-quality bowl of goodness.

Treat yourself to an authentic Korean noodle dish in minutes with the bold, spicy broth that Paldo is famous for. The lime adds a citrusy twist to the rich lobster and cuttlefish flavor that permeates each noodle and chunky vegetable. Slurp up plump shrimp, chewy calamari rings and tender surimi that rehydrate as the soup works its magic.

An Iconic Korean Brand

As Korea’s number one noodle brand, Paldo takes pride in capturing the most delicious elements of traditional cuisine to create instant meals just like homemade. Their ramyun recipes have earned a cult following for the complex layers of flavor in the broth and quality ingredients in every bite.

The king-sized cups give you more noodles and broth than regular packets. But unlike greasy MSG-laden cups, these are packed with real food–veggies, seafood and spices–for a more satisfying, healthier meal. Just check out the chunks of lobster and cuttlefish floating in the bright orange soup!

Cooks in 3 Minutes Flat

Tired of waiting for water to boil and noodles to soften? This ramyun cuts out all that time without sacrificing taste or texture. The wheat flour noodles have the perfect chewy bounce. And the dried veggies and seafood only need a few minutes to soak up the broth and become tender.

Just pour the seasoning powder and garnish packet into the cup, then fill with boiling water up to the line. Pop the lid on, wait 3 minutes and it’s ready to eat! For extra protein, throw in a cracked egg. For added crunch, top with toasted sesame seeds. Customize it however you like for the ultimate noodle experience.

Bold Lime Lobster Flavor

This Paldo ramyun is flavored with hearty, succulent lobster and zesty lime for a mouthwatering balance of sweet and tangy. The complex soup base uses real shellfish ingredients for next-level umami richness. It’s even packed with plump shrimp and calamari rings!

Every energizing sip also has a subtle heat from Korean red pepper powder. This slow burn creeps up on you between cooling notes of lime. Just wait until you get to the extra seasonings at the bottom of the cup!

Spice Up Snack Time

Craving an afternoon pick-me-up or late night snack? These instant noodles are just the thing when hunger strikes. The large cup provides a hearty portion to fuel you through any part of your day.

Keep your pantry stocked with this 16-pack bundle for anytime you need a hot, satisfying meal. The cups are lightweight and portable, so you can bring them to work, school or travel. Just add hot water–whether stovetop boiled, microwaved or from an electric kettle.

High-Quality Korean Ingredients

From the plump wheat flour noodles to the freeze-dried lobster chunks, every component of these ramyun cups is carefully crafted for authentic Korean flavor. The soup base uses real shellfish imported from Korea along with their signature blend of spices.

Paldo adheres to strict quality control at every stage, from sourcing to packaging. Their facilities are world-renowned for cleanliness and safety standards. You can trust these instant noodles to deliver the same deliciousness of true homemade Korean cooking.

Try Other Paldo Ramyun Varieties

The Paldo Fun & Yum range features diverse flavors inspired by Korean cuisine. Choose from:

  • Beef Bone Soup Ramyun – Thick, savory broth with tender beef slices
  • Kimchi Ramyun – A spicy twist on Korea’s iconic fermented cabbage
  • Jjajangmen Ramyun – Rich black bean noodles with pork belly
  • Yukgaejang Ramyun – Shredded beef in a mildly spicy broth

With noodles made fresh daily and quality ingredients in the soup base, each one is crave-worthy. Discover your new go-to ramyun flavor today!

Shop Now and Save

Why waste money on takeout when you can recreate the flavors of a Korean restaurant at home? This 16-pack bundle gives you a variety of instant cups for cents per serving.

With free shipping through Amazon Prime, you get restaurant-quality ramyun straight to your door. No need to scour specialty grocers. Click add to cart now to spice up your noodle routine!


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