PF Pita Chips Whole Wheat Lightly Salted – 12 Pack of 8oz Bags



Crispy, Crunchy Pita Chips for Guilt-Free Snacking

If you’re looking for a tasty, wholesome snack, look no further than PF Pita Chips. These crisp, oven-baked pita chips are full of flavor without the fat and calories.

Made from 100% whole wheat, each chip packs a satisfying crunch. A light sprinkling of sea salt enhances the subtle nutty notes of the wheat. This understated flavor profile makes them the perfect blank canvas for dips, spreads, and toppings.

Keep reading to see what makes these pita chips a smart snacking choice.

Thin and Crispy Texture

Too often, whole wheat snacks sacrifice crunch. But not PF Pita Chips. They’ve mastered the art of creating a delicate, crispy chip using whole grains.

PF starts with premium whole wheat flour. The dough is rolled thin before being cut into shards and baked. The result is a wonderfully flaky chip that happily scoops up heaping servings of dip.

These chips boast a satisfying crackle and crispness you can sink your teeth into. Their shatteringly thin body won’t weigh you down while still delivering that hearty crunch.

Wholesome Ingredients

At PF, we believe snacking should nourish your body – not just taste good. That’s why we craft our pita chips from only wholesome, natural ingredients.

The main ingredient is 100% whole wheat flour. Whole grains provide important nutrients like fiber, B vitamins, and iron that processed grains lack.

To lightly season, we use a touch of sea salt. Sea salt has a clean, bright flavor that enhances the wheat’s subtle nuttiness.

That’s it! No artificial flavors or unnecessary junk. Just simple, high-quality ingredients you can recognize and trust.

Smart Snacking

When hunger hits between meals, PF Pita Chips are a smart snacking choice. Here’s why:

  • Only 120 calories per 1 oz serving
  • 4g of fiber per serving
  • Packed with whole grains
  • No trans fat, cholesterol free
  • Low in sodium

Thanks to their thin, crunchy nature, these chips satisfy cravings with less fat and calories than other snacks. They’re even non-GMO and certified kosher.

Mindful snacking has never been more delicious! PF Pita Chips nourish your body so you can feel good about your between-meal nibbling.

Dip Them, Top Them, Stack Them

Plain pita chips may seem humble, but they’re incredibly versatile. Their mild flavor pairs well with anything you can dip, spread, or top them with.

Here are just a few deliciously creative ways to eat PF Pita Chips:

  • Dip in guacamole, hummus, or baba ganoush
  • Spread with cream cheese and top with lox and capers
  • Scoop up Mediterranean chickpea salad
  • Top with ricotta, tomato, and basil for bruschetta bites
  • Layer caramelized onions, gruyere, and prosciutto for a fancy chip

Let your imagination run wild with delicious toppings and fillings. The possibilities are endless for reinventing this simple snack.

On-the-Go Convenience

Staying satiated while on-the-go can be tricky. That’s why we package our pita chips in grab-and-go 8oz bags, perfect for tucking into lunch bags and snacks on the run.

This listing includes 12 conveniently sized bags so you can always have a bag within reach. They’re lightweight, portable, and easy to toss into a purse, backpack, or car.

Wherever the day takes you, keep these crunchy chips handy for when cravings strike. Their non-perishable nature makes them an ideal choice for travel and adventures.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Thinner, crispier, and more wholesome – we believe our pita chips are the best on the market. But if you aren’t fully satisfied, contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Make PF Pita Chips your new go-to for snacking. Their perfect crunch and robust wheat flavor satisfy, bite after bite.

Stock up now on these smarter pita chips and enjoy guilt-free snacking anytime!


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