Pump Street Bakery Ecuador 85% Dark Chocolate



Indulge in intense, earthy dark chocolate flavor with Pump Street Bakery’s Ecuador 85% bar. Handcrafted from bean to bar in their Suffolk, UK workshop, this expertly made chocolate highlights the bold, tropical notes of Ecuadorian cacao.

At 85% cocoa content, this bar delivers a rich, low acidity chocolate experience. Each velvety smooth square melts into a symphony of deep chocolate intensity. This is a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Single Origin Cacao from Ecuador

Pump Street Bakery sources exceptional heirloom cacao from Hacienda Limon, a small farm nestled in the lush coastal region of Ecuador. The unique microclimate and volcanic soil nourishes the cacao trees and develops the signature flavors.

You can taste the complexity of the terroir in every bite. Earthy, with hints of red fruit and nuts. Let the chocolate slowly melt across your palate to experience the nuances.

Bean to Bar Chocolate Making

The talented chocolate makers at Pump Street Bakery painstakingly transform these special beans into chocolate perfection. They roast and crack the beans, then spend 72 hours conching to achieve ultimate smoothness.

Tempering and molding completes the process, with no artificial flavors, emulsifiers, or preservatives added. This chocolate is as pure as it gets.

Premium Ingredients

The ingredient list reads like a chocolate lover’s dream: Ecuadorian cocoa beans, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. That’s it. This allows the complex flavor of the cocoa beans to really sing.

The high cocoa percentage provides antioxidant benefits as well. Every square delivers a boost of luxurious flavor and nutrition.

Perfect for Serious Chocolate Aficionados

With its high cocoa content and lack of sweetness, this chocolate is ideal for dark chocolate purists. The single origin Ecuador beans give connoisseurs the opportunity to experience the regional characteristics.

Slowly savoring small squares is an experience for all the senses. Share the bar with fellow chocolate obsessives and enjoy discussing the tasting notes.

Customer Reviews

*”This is the darkest, richest, most intense chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The earthy, tropical notes are incredible. Now I’m hooked on Pump Street Bakery!”*

*”This chocolate is so smooth it melts in your mouth. I love that I can actually taste the origin of the beans. It’s very special chocolate for true aficionados.”*

*”I gave bars to friends who think they don’t like dark chocolate, and they were blown away! The lack of bitterness makes 85% totally enjoyable.”*

*”The bean to bar process really makes a difference in flavor. I’ll never go back to mass produced chocolate after tasting Pump Street’s creations.”*

Indulge in Chocolate Perfection

Treat yourself to an extraordinary chocolate experience with Pump Street Bakery’s 85% dark bar. World class cocoa beans and artisanal production techniques result in chocolate bliss.


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