Ready Hour 120-Serving Emergency Meal Bucket – Real Food Entrees with 25-Year Shelf Life



Be prepared for any emergency with the Ready Hour meal bucket. This food kit contains 120 servings of delicious, real freeze-dried entrees with a 25-year shelf life. The meals come in portable pouches inside a durable flood-safe container, ready to grab and go in any crisis.

Tasty Freeze-Dried Meals

Enjoy appetizing dishes like savory stroganoff, creamy pasta alfredo, hearty chili mac, and more. While designed for emergency use, these meals taste so great you’ll want to eat them every day! The freeze-drying process locks in flavor and nutrients while removing the water that causes food to spoil.

25-Year Shelf Life

With proper storage, these meals stay fresh and delicious for up to 25 years. The airtight bucket protects the food pouches from moisture, light, and pests. Stash it in your basement, storm shelter, or food storage area and rest easy knowing you have meals ready when you need them.

120 Total Servings

The bucket contains a variety of entrees totaling 120 satisfying servings. Each resealable pouch makes multiple meals. For two people, there’s enough food for nearly 2 months. The servings provide balanced nutrition with protein, carbs, and good fats to energize and fortify you through any crisis.

Portable Pouches

The meals come in handy BPA-free pouches that are lightweight and pack flat. Grab meals on the go if you must evacuate quickly. The durable pouches allow you to use only what you need, sealing out moisture and air to preserve the remaining servings.

Flood-Safe Container

The food-grade bucket keeps your meals protected, organized, and easy to access. It stands up to flooding with a gasket seal and stable design. The handle makes it portable to take your food supply with you in any emergency.

Use for Every Emergency

Be ready for natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes. Prepare for civil unrest, grid failure, pandemic, or financial collapse. Stash some at your bug out location. Have meals on hand during power outages at home. Wherever you need food security, rely on Ready Hour.

Made in the USA

Produced by an American company based in Salt Lake City, UT, you can trust the quality. The meals are assembled using premium ingredients from around the world and packaged locally. Stock a 100% made in USA food supply for peace of mind.

Be Prepared

With news of extreme weather, civil unrest, cyber attacks, and more, having reliable emergency food just makes sense. Avoid desperate scrambles when disaster strikes – get meals ready now for any catastrophe down the road. Rotate stock as you use it and replenish before expiration.

Everyday Use

While designed for emergencies, these tasty meals are great for camping, hunting, fishing, RV trips, and everyday busy lives. Stash pouches in your pantry, pack them for lunch at work, keep some in your vehicle – nourishing food wherever you need it.

The Ready Hour Difference

With decades of emergency preparation experience, Ready Hour provides top-quality survival foods to cover any crisis. We use only real, wholesome ingredients with essential nutrition to nourish and fortify. Taste the Ready Hour difference in every satisfying bite.

Get quality emergency meals that check every box:

  • Delicious real food taste
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Generous 120 servings
  • Portable pouches
  • Durable flood-safe bucket
  • Nutritious balanced meals
  • Made in the USA

Provide reliable food security for your family, home, office, or shelter. Be ready for storms, outages, disasters, or breakdowns with Ready Hour meal entrees that last for decades. Stay nourished through any emergency with delicious, nutritious, American-made meals!


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