Recreate the Authentic Irish Flavours of Mountmellick Lager with Muntons’ Brew Your Own Beer Kit



Experience the subtle yet satisfying flavours of Mountmellick Lager without leaving your home by brewing an authentic Irish lager with Muntons’ easy-to-use beer ingredient kit. This complete kit contains everything you need to replicate the gentle, refined and delicately balanced taste of a true Irish classic.

Subtle Sophistication in Every Sip

Mountmellick Lager offers a subtle, sophisticated drinking experience that combines gentle flavours with delicate balance. Each sip reveals the subtle interplay between the smooth, mellow malt character and the soft, clean bitterness of this golden Irish lager. The overall impression is one of refined, understated flavours coming together in perfect harmony.

Refreshingly Rewarding from Start to Finish

In addition to its subtle flavour profile, Mountmellick Lager provides a deeply refreshing and rewarding drinking experience from start to finish. Your first taste brings an invigorating sensation that leaves you craving more, while the smooth, easy-drinking character keeps you coming back for the next sip. This is a lager you’ll want to savour from the first glass to the last drop.

Brew Your Own Piece of Ireland’s Brewing Legacy

Muntons makes it easy for homebrewers to become a part of Ireland’s proud brewing traditions. Their Mountmellick Lager kit allows you to recreate an authentic Irish beer recipe in your own kitchen. Muntons’ meticulous approach to creating this kit ensures high standards of quality and consistency, giving homebrewers access to the same attention to detail used by Ireland’s master brewers.

Precision Brewing for Optimal Flavour

Muntons follows the original Mountmellick Lager recipe with painstaking precision throughout the entire brewing process. The ingredients are carefully chosen and processed to maintain the beer’s subtle flavours and aromas. This kit uses only the finest two-row barley malts, processed under strict conditions to achieve optimal extract consistency. The result is a homebrew kit capable of producing a smooth, delicately balanced lager true to Mountmellick’s refined character.

Brewing Made Simple with Muntons

Part of what makes Muntons the perfect brand for homebrewing traditional beers is their commitment to quality and simplicity. Their kits feature pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, making it possible for beginners and experts alike to achieve high-quality results. With the Mountmellick Lager kit, all you need to provide is brewing sugar and water. Then simply leave the fermentation and conditioning to do its work as you look forward to tapping your very own keg of Irish lager.

Bring the Pub Home

Enjoy the taste of a fresh draught Irish lager without leaving your home. Muntons makes it possible to recreate the pub experience right from your own kitchen. Share a pint of smooth, balanced Mountmellick Lager with friends over a home-cooked Irish meal or simply relax and unwind with a perfectly poured glass just for you. However you choose to enjoy it, this kit lets you indulge in an authentic Irish lager anytime.

Customize Your Perfect Pint

One of the joys of homebrewing is the ability to customize your beer to suit your personal taste preferences. The Mountmellick Lager kit can be tweaked with additional specialty grains or hops. Try adding a touch of caramel malt for a fuller flavour profile or play around with different hop varieties to accentuate the bitterness. The finished beer will still maintain the essential Irish lager characteristics while offering your unique spin.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Muntons stakes their reputation on providing homebrewers with kits capable of producing tremendous results when following the simple instructions. Their malt extracts are carefully formulated and tested prior to packaging to ensure you achieve beer of the highest quality. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your batch of Mountmellick Lager, Muntons’ customer service team is ready to help diagnose what went wrong and get your next homebrew back on track for success.

Bring the tastes, aromas and entire Irish lager experience home when you brew your own Mountmellick Lager from an authentic Muntons beer kit. Discover for yourself the subtle sophistication that makes this style so beloved across Ireland and beyond.


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