Reed’s Original Ginger Beer – Refreshing Jamaican-Style Craft Soda Made with Real Ginger



Escape to the islands with every sip of Reed’s Original Ginger Beer. This crisp, carbonated craft soda combines the bold, spicy taste of real ginger with the sweetness of organic cane sugar for a perfectly balanced beverage that’s made the traditional Jamaican way.

Reed’s starts with hand-harvested, organic ginger root straight from the fields. The gnarly rhizomes are then cleaned, peeled, pressed and steeped to extract their pure, peppery essence. This real ginger extract provides an authentic zing you won’t find in commercial ginger ales made with artificial flavors.

In addition to organic ginger, Reed’s Original Ginger Beer features a medley of all-natural ingredients like pineapple and lemon juice to complement the ginger with a hint of citrus, plus a touch of honey for smooth sweetness. The result is a vibrant, gingery soda that’s delicious on its own or makes a great mixer for cocktails.

Traditional Jamaican-Inspired Flavor

While many ginger beers simply use ginger flavoring, Reed’s starts with actual ginger root for an authentic tropical taste. The ginger is blended with tart lemon and pineapple juice, then carbonated for a spicy-sweet profile reminiscent of Jamaican ginger beers that have been brewed for centuries.

Each refreshing sip revives the spirit and transports you to sunnier climes. Kick back with an ice-cold bottle of Reed’s Original Ginger Beer and let your imagination whisk you away to a Caribbean paradise. The lively ginger notes dancing on your tongue may have you dreaming of silky sand beaches and gently swaying palm trees in no time.

Only Real, Organic Ingredients – No Artificial Flavors

At Reed’s, we believe that ingredients matter. That’s why we make our ginger beer with only real, organic components like:

– Organic Ginger Root: Freshly pressed ginger provides authentic spice and heat.

– Pineapple Juice: Adds a touch of tropical fruitiness.

– Lemon Juice: Brightens every sip with tart citrus notes.

– Raw Honey: A hint of sweetness to balance the ginger bite.

– Carbonated Water: Sparkling refreshment to uplift and revive.

– Cane Sugar: A touch of organic sweetener rounds out the flavors.

What you won’t find in Reed’s ginger beer is anything artificial. No chemical preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or other junk. Just real, wholesome ingredients crafted into a stellar ginger beer.

Satisfy Your Taste for Ginger

Not everyone likes the same intensity of ginger flavor. That’s why Reed’s offers three options to suit every palate:

– Original Ginger Beer: A milder ginger intensity provides a refreshing introduction to Reed’s traditional Jamaican-style ginger beer. The real pressed ginger root offers a gentle spice that’s not overpowering.

– Extra Ginger Beer: If you like some extra zing in your drink, go for the extra ginger. It amps up the ginger content for a more robust ginger beer experience.

– Strongest Ginger Beer: Made with the highest ginger concentration, this maximum-strength option delivers a bold, spicy ginger beer for true ginger lovers. Brace your taste buds!

No matter which you choose, you’ll savor the clean, crisp taste of real ginger in every sip of Reed’s ginger beer. Pop the cap and pour over ice for a refreshing ginger fix any time.

Soothing Ginger Benefits

In addition to its robust flavor, ginger has a long history as a natural remedy used around the world. The gnarly ginger root contains beneficial compounds like gingerol, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Here are some of ginger’s traditional benefits that you can enjoy in each bottle of Reed’s:

– Eases Indigestion: Ginger has been used for centuries to help calm occasional stomach upset, nausea and indigestion. Sip ginger beer after meals for soothing relief.

– Soothes Motion Sickness: The anti-nausea effects of ginger can help settle queasy tummies during travel. Enjoy some ginger beer before or during road trips, boat rides, air travel or amusement park adventures.

– Provides Hydration: With its blend of filtered water, ginger beer is a tasty way to meet your daily fluid needs and prevent dehydration.

– Supports Immunity: Ginger’s antioxidant content may give your immune system an extra boost to keep you healthy.

– Relieves Cramps: Compounds in ginger are thought to relax muscles, potentially easing menstrual cramps and muscle tightness.

So pop open a bottle of Reed’s ginger beer anytime you need revitalizing refreshment with the extra benefits of real ginger. Its all-natural deliciousness makes it a crave-worthy alternative to sugary sodas or chemical-laden commercial ginger ales. Give Reed’s Original Ginger Beer a try – your taste buds will thank you!


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