Robertson’s Fast Minced Meat Pie Filling – 411g



Enjoy the classic taste of Robertson’s original minced meat pie filling with the convenience of fast preparation. This 411g jar contains a tasty fruit and vegetable based recipe that is ready to use in savory pies and pastries.

Traditional Robertson’s Recipe

Robertson’s has been making traditional minced meat pie fillings since 1935 using quality ingredients like vine fruits, apples and spices. This recipe stays true to their classic flavor balancing sweet fruit with warming spices.

Fruit and Vegetable Based

Real chopped apples, raisins and sultanas provide fruity sweetness while shredded vegetable protein gives this filler a meaty texture. There’s no actual meat making this vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Convenient and Fast

With the vegetables and fruits pre-chopped and the spices pre-mixed, this filling is ready to use right from the jar. Simply spoon into your favorite pie crust or pastry shell and bake for fast homemade pies.

No Refrigeration Needed

Thanks to the tightly sealed jar, this pie filler does not require refrigeration before opening. Store in a cool, dry pantry for months until you’re ready to bake a savory pie or pasty.

Versatile Filling

In addition to meat pies and pasties, this fruit and vegetable mixture can be used in a variety of sweet and savory treats. Use it as a filling for hand pies, turnovers, samosas and more.

Vegan and Vegetarian

With no animal products, this pie filler is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The minced texture comes from rehydrated soy and wheat proteins instead of meat.

Kosher Certified

This Robertson’s pie filling has been certified Kosher pareve by the Orthodox Union, making it acceptable for kosher consumers when prepared according to guidelines.

UK Import

Robertson’s is a quintessential British brand best known for their traditional mincemeat recipe. Imported from the UK, this pie filling will add authentic British flavor to your baking.

Product Details

  • Size: 411g jar
  • Ingredients: Vine fruits, Apples, Vegetable protein, Soy protein, Spices, Inverted sugar syrup, Salt, Acidity regulator.
  • Allergy advice: Contains wheat (gluten) and soy.

Enjoy the comfort of classic minced meat pies and pastries with the ease of Robertson’s prepared fillings. Order a jar of this fruit and vegetable based pie filling today!


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