Royal Seafood USA Wild Caught Premium Fish Maw (Medium) – 108g of Nutritious Fish Collagen



This premium wild caught fish maw from Royal Seafood USA provides 108g of nutritious fish collagen in a convenient dried form. Fish maw, also known as fish bladder, is a traditional Chinese ingredient valued for its culinary uses and health benefits. Read on to learn more about using this sustainable fish maw in your kitchen.

Abundant in Protein, Collagen and Essential Nutrients

Fish maw is prized as a nutrient-dense food that provides high quality protein, collagen, vitamins and minerals. It contains Type 1 collagen that is easily absorbed by the body to support bone, skin, hair and nail health. The amino acid glycine helps build lean muscle. Calcium promotes strong bones while phosphorus benefits metabolism. Fish maw delivers a powerful nutritional boost.

Adds Rich Flavor and Texture to Soups and Stews

In Chinese cuisine, fish maw is a key ingredient in soups, hot pots, and braised dishes. When soaked and cooked, it has a soft, gelatinous texture and mild seafood flavor. Fish maw absorbs the flavors of the broth while adding body. It is commonly used in simmered soups and stews that benefit from collagen for a rich, silky texture. An elevating ingredient!

Sustainably Sourced from Wild Fisheries

Royal Seafood USA ethically sources only the best quality fish maw from wild fisheries in Northern China and Korea. It is harvested sustainably without harming marine ecosystems. Every batch is stringently inspected to ensure the fish maw meets premium size, shape and collagen content standards. Our wild caught fish maw has the seals of approval for quality and sustainability.

Easy to Prepare and Store

This dried fish maw just needs a quick rinse and soak before using in your recipes. Simply soak the maw in warm water for 30-60 minutes until it expands to 2-3 times its dried size. Slice into pieces then add to soups, stews or stir-fries for a nutritious boost. It can be stored frozen for 6 months or refrigerated for 1 week. Convenient and versatile!

Traditionally Used to Promote Health and Beauty

In Chinese medicine, fish maw is believed to nourish Yin, benefit the lungs, strengthen the spleen and improve skin, hair and nail health. The collagen content makes it a useful tonic for joint mobility and skin elasticity. Fish maw soup is regarded as a nourishing food for postpartum health. Experience the wellness benefits with this traditional superfood.

How to Cook with Fish Maw

– Braised Fish Maw Claypot
– Hot and Sour Soup

– Fish Maw Congee
– Winter Melon Soup with Fish Maw
– Fish Maw Soup with Dates and Lotus Seeds


Give your health and cooking a boost with this premium 108g wild caught fish maw from Royal Seafood USA. The natural fish collagen provides anti-aging, skin, hair and nail benefits. It brings a luscious texture and mild flavor to Asian soups and stews. Our sustainably sourced fish maw is easy to use – just soak and add to your dish! Unlock its culinary and wellness powers today.


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