Royal Seafood Wild-Caught North American Sea Cucumber (Ba Jiao Shen) – Small Size



Discover the Unique Texture and Nutty Flavor of Wild North American Sea Cucumber

As a highly prized delicacy in many cuisines, sea cucumber possesses a unique taste and texture unlike any other seafood. At Royal Seafood USA, we are proud to offer wild-caught North American sea cucumber (Ba Jiao Shen) sustainably harvested off the coasts of California. With no chemicals added during processing, our dried sea cucumber delivers the pure, savory goodness of this fascinating marine creature.

100% Wild-Caught and Natural
Our North American sea cucumber is 100% organic with no artificial additives. Gently dried and processed in California under strict quality control, you can enjoy real sea cucumber just as nature intended – pure and additive-free. The dried form makes it easy to store while preserving nutrition. Rehydrate before cooking to appreciate the coveted gelatinous texture.

Rich in Essential Nutrients
Sea cucumber is packed with proteins, minerals and other compounds vital to good health. It contains substantial amounts of collagen, the youthful protein that maintains skin elasticity and joint flexibility. Sea cucumber is also rich in calcium for strong bones and magnesium for cellular function. Additionally, it provides iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients.

Versatile Culinary Uses
With its mildly sweet, ocean-like flavor and soft but firm jelly-like texture when rehydrated, sea cucumber is prized in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other Asian cuisines. It can be used in soups, stews, stir-fries and as part of seafood combinations. Try soaking dried sea cucumber in water before slicing it into pieces and adding it to your favorite dishes. Experiment with marinades and spices to draw out its flavor. This versatile ingredient elevates everything from congee to hot pots.

Our Dried Sea Cucumber – Ba Jiao Shen
Our North American sea cucumber is the species Cucumaria frondosa, known in Chinese as ba jiao shen. Harvested off North America’s west coast, it is medium in size compared to other sea cucumber varieties. After drying, each bag contains about 60-70 pieces ranging from 3-5 inches long. Enjoy the mildly nutty, ocean-like taste and substantial bite. This high quality sea cucumber needs no further processing – just rehydrate and add to your recipes.

Best Quality Guarantee
At Royal Seafood USA, we care deeply about bringing you the finest seafood sustainably sourced from North American waters. Our small size Ba Jiao Shen undergoes meticulous cleaning, processing and quality control. We confidently guarantee its delicious flavor and nutritional value. Our sea cucumber contains no preservatives, chemicals or additives – just pure, natural sea cucumber goodness.

A Treasured Delicacy Now Enjoyed Worldwide
Sea cucumber has been cherished for centuries in Asian culinary traditions, where it symbolizes health and vitality. Now its renown has spread globally. As supplies from Asia decrease, North America has become a leading source of high quality sea cucumber. Treat yourself to this fascinating delicacy full of collagen, nutrients, and mouthwatering flavor. Add Royal Seafood USA’s dried North American sea cucumber to soups, stews, and stir-fries today!


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