Royal Seafood Wild-Caught South American Sea Cucumber (Shuang Pai Fa Zai) – Medium Size



Savor the Exquisite Texture and Savory Taste of Premium South American Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumber stands apart from any other seafood with its gelatinous texture and unique umami flavor. At Royal Seafood USA, we bring you wild-caught sea cucumber sustainably harvested from the nutrient-rich waters off South America. Known as Shuang Pai Fa Zai in Chinese, these premium medium-sized sea cucumbers deliver substantial bites of ocean goodness. Experience the treasured food that has graced Asian tables for centuries.

100% Wild-Sourced from South America
Our sea cucumber hails directly from the Pacific waters off South America, home to some of the world’s highest quality varieties. It is completely natural with no chemicals, additives or preservatives added during processing. Harvested by local fishermen, the sea cucumbers are cleaned, boiled and sun-dried to gently concentrate their taste and nutrition. Enjoy real sea cucumber from a premium source, perfect for Asian cuisine.

Abundant in Vital Nutrients
Sea cucumber owes much of its value to its stellar nutritional profile. It is loaded with collagen, the essential protein that keeps skin supple and joints flexible. Sea cucumber also provides magnesium for cellular health, zinc for immune support, and calcium for strong bones. Additionally, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals.

Delectable in Soups, Stews and More
Treasured for over 1000 years by Chinese imperial families, sea cucumber is considered both a tonic and a delicacy. It possesses a mildly sweet, ocean-like flavor and a soft but substantial bite when rehydrated. Sea cucumber beautifully enhances and absorbs the tastes of soups, congees, stews, stir fries and more. It is commonly braised, stewed or added to hot pots along with seafood and vegetables. Expand your culinary horizons with this fascinating ingredient.

Our Shuang Pai Sea Cucumber – Medium Size
Our sea cucumber is the Holothuria spinifera species, known in Chinese as Shuang Pai Fa Zai. With two rows of “feet”, it is highly valued for its taste and nutritional content. Each dried sea cucumber averages 8-10 inches long. Approximately 20 medium sea cucumbers are contained in each 1 lb bag. Rehydrate before cooking to appreciate the time-honored soft, gelatinous bite.

Royal Seafood’s Dedication to Quality
At Royal Seafood USA, providing top quality seafood is our passion. Our South American sea cucumber undergoes careful processing under strict quality control. No chemicals, additives or preservatives are used. We are committed to delivering the exquisite texture, savory ocean flavor and nutritional benefits that make sea cucumber so treasured. Give this gourmet delicacy a try today.

A Revered Delicacy Now Enjoyed Worldwide
In ancient China, sea cucumber was reserved for royalty as a rejuvenating health tonic. Today it is still esteemed by Asian communities globally. As wild sea cucumber becomes depleted in Asia, South America has emerged as the premium source. Treat yourself to this health-promoting delicacy, rich in collagen, nutrients and mouthwatering ocean essence. Add Royal Seafood’s dried sea cucumber to your repertoire today!


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