Scott’s Cakes Chocolate Covered Cool Mint Oreos – Delicious Gourmet Snack



Treat yourself to the perfect blend of rich chocolate and refreshing mint with Scott’s Cakes chocolate covered Cool Mint Oreos. These gourmet snacks feature the iconic cookie sandwiched between velvety sweet chocolate for a decadent flavor sensation.

Mouthwatering Chocolate Goodness

Each Cool Mint Oreo is generously enrobed in Scott’s signature ultra-smooth milk chocolate. The chocolate has a luscious creamy texture that melts in your mouth. It strikes the ideal sweet spot between milky and cocoa flavors. Every crunchy, crispy bite reveals the chocolatey goodness within.

Iconic Cool Mint Cream Filling

Nestle’s classic Cool Mint creme filling provides the perfect contrast to the rich chocolate exterior. The fondant filling has an irresistible peppermint flavor that dances on your tastebuds. It adds refreshing crispness to the indulgent cookie and chocolate duo. This creme beautifully balances the chocolate for a sublime treat.

Satisfying Snacktime Indulgence

Why choose between chocolate and mint when you can enjoy both? These snacks are perfect for satisfying sweet cravings in a delicious way. The chocolate mint combo is a crowd-pleasing favorite, making these a hit at parties, gifts, or office treats. Keep a pack on hand for irresistible snacking whenever a chocolate and mint fix strikes.

Gourmet Quality from a Trusted Bakery

Scott’s Cakes is dedicated to gourmet confections made from premium ingredients. Their artisan chocolatiers hand-dip each Oreo to ensure generous, even coverage. Only real Oreo cookies and rich chocolate are used. You can trust Scott’s Cakes for decadent treats that look and taste incredible.

Beautiful Presentation

The covered Oreos arrive carefully packed in a transparent 1 pound deli container, with each cookie individually wrapped in tissue paper. The elegant packaging protects the snacks and makes these perfect for holiday or birthday gifting. Add a gift message and delight someone with these crème-filled chocolatey jewels.

Easy Snacking On-The-Go

The plastic container lends itself perfectly to snack attacks at home or on the go. Toss one in your purse, keep one at your desk, or store them in the pantry for anytime cravings. The individual wrappers help keep the cookies from breaking apart for neat and mess-free snacking wherever you want a chocolate and mint pick-me-up.

Decadent Mint Chocolate Bliss

Why choose between refreshing mint and creamy chocolate when you can enjoy both? Sink your teeth into the Oreo creme filling and rich chocolate coating for a mouthwatering experience. These confections from Scott’s Cakes make an elegant gift or self-indulgence for any chocolate and mint lover.

Order Premium Gourmet Snacks Now

Treat yourself or someone special to these crave-worthy chocolate covered Cool Mint Oreos from Scott’s Cakes. The artful blend of minty creme and velvety chocolate is simply sublime. Satisfy your chocolate craving in a fresh new way with these gourmet snacks. Add a pack or two to your cart today!


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