Scrub Society Crevice Cleaning Brush Set – The Ultimate Gap & Corner Cleaning Tools for a Spotless Home



Tired of grungy grout, dusty corners, and grimy cracks spreading dirt in your home? Meet the Scrub Society Crevice Cleaning Brush Set, the super trio that effortlessly scrubs every nook and cranny sparkling clean.

This exclusive 3-piece brush set includes our fan-favorite slim angled brush, detailed flat brush, and the new and improved corner brush. With bristles engineered to reach tight spots regular cleaning tools miss, these crevice-fighting brushes banish dirt and leave behind a meticulous clean.

The ultra-slim, versatile brushes fit where fingers and cloths can’t – sliding door tracks, window sills, baseboards, bathroom grout, stove drip pans, and more. Their sturdy wooden handles and hang holes provide a controlled, easy grip during cleaning.

Ditch frustrating scrubbing and let the Scrub Society brushes do the work for you. These are cleaning game-changers you need in your arsenal!

Slim, Angled Brush: Cleaning Crack Commander

Our slimmest crevice brush yet, the angled brush is your new go-to for detail cleaning. Its sharp triangular bristle head is expertly shaped to scour corners, crevices, and any awkward nooks.

The brush’s thin profile lets it slide into slim cracks with ease, while the angled shape and short bristles provide targeted scrubbing power. Say goodbye to caked-on gunk and hidden crumbs in hard-to-reach spaces!

Some awesome uses for this crevice-cleaning wonder:

– Grout between bathroom and kitchen tiles
– Window, door and baseboard edges
– Appliance seams and controls
– Light switches and electric outlets
– Flooring gaps
– sofa and chair crevices

Flat Brush: Broad Cleaning in Tight Spots

When you need scrubbing power distributed across a wider area, turn to the flat crevice brush.

With a bristle head nearly 2 inches wide, the flat brush tackles room corners, stairs, furniture joints, radiators, and any long, narrow space. Its thin profile still pops into cracks with ease.

The slim wooden handle lets you maneuver the brush into awkward areas like behind appliances or under furniture. Say bye to dusty, dirty edges and enjoy clean sightlines throughout your home.

Corner Brush: The All-Purpose Crevice Cleaning MVP

Meet the corner brush, our improved take on the classic angular crevice brush. Its versatile 90-degree head swivels to scrub two ways – both corners and flat surfaces along edges.

Stiff nylon bristles and a tapered front edge let this brush dive into corners and removestubborn dirt. Then swivel the head to clean cracks along the full length of windows, door jambs, countertops, baseboards, and stairs.

The locking joint keeps the brush head angled as you clean. Any area with tight crevices and angles is no match for the corner brush!

Fanatical About Your Satisfaction

We engineer each of our crevice brushes to deliver unmatched cleaning for hard-to-reach spaces.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, return your set for a full refund or replacement.

Ditch frustration and take the Scrub Society Crevice Brush Set home today. Get ready for a faster, easier clean in corners, cracks and crevices!


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