Seeds of Change Certified Organic Brown Basmati Rice, 8.5 oz Microwavable Pouch



Discover the nutty aroma and delicious flavor of Seeds of Change Certified Organic Brown Basmati Rice. This 8.5 oz pouch contains the finest organic whole grain brown basmati, delivering a tasty side dish that’s ready in just 90 seconds.

Certified Organic Ingredients

Seeds of Change sources only certified organic ingredients to create authentic, international recipes you can feel good about. This brown basmati rice is certified organic, non-GMO, and made without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals.

You can trust the purity of this wholesome rice side, ideal for everyday meals or rounding out a flavorful rice bowl. Seeds of Change makes enjoying global flavors easy and organic.

Nutritious Whole Grain Basmati

This aromatic rice features 100% whole grain organic brown basmati, supplying more nutrients than refined grains. Whole grains provide a range of health benefits:

  • Dietary fiber for digestive health
  • B vitamins to support energy levels
  • Protein for building and repairing tissues
  • Iron, magnesium, selenium, and more

Pair this vitamin-rich basmati rice with your favorite mains for a more nutritious meal. The fluffy texture and tantalizing aroma make it a perfect complement to curries, stir fries, grilled meats, and more.

90 Second Microwavable Pouch

Forget about monitoring a pot! This innovative pouch cooks the organic brown basmati rice to tender perfection in just 90 seconds.

Just open the pouch, add water to the fill line, and microwave. Then carefully open using the easy tear notch and fluff with a fork. Your fresh, flavorful rice side is ready to enjoy.

The single-serve pouch is also great for portion control and reducing waste. There’s no need to measure out servings from a large bag.

Global Flavors Made Easy

Discover a world of flavors without the fuss! Seeds of Change makes enjoying ethnic cuisine as easy as reading the back of the pouch.

This brown basmati rice is the perfect foundation for rich Indian flavors. Try it in a bowl with curry chickpeas, raita sauce, and mango chutney. Or keep it simple with a squeeze of lime and fresh cilantro.

Use it to round out a plate of grilled chicken fajitas, shrimp pineapple fried rice, or jambalaya. The fluffy-yet-firm texture also holds up well to saucy dishes.

Quality Ingredients and Ethical Sourcing

At Seeds of Change, quality starts with the seed. They source rice from trusted farmers across the world who are as committed to sustainability as they are. This basmati rice is ethically sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas.

Their organic brown rice meets the highest standards of sustainability and humanely supports farming communities. You can feel good knowing your food choices make a positive social and environmental impact.

Vegetarian-Friendly and Gluten-Free

This 100% whole grain rice makes a versatile plant-based addition to any meal. It’s certified vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, with plenty of fiber and protein.

Enjoy it as a simple side or use it to build flavor-packed rice bowls. With endless possibilities for use, it belongs in every kitchen.

More than Just Rice

Seeds of Change believes in the power of food to improve lives and bring people together. Their organic ingredients provide delightful ways to explore new flavors from around the world.

With this brown basmati rice on hand, authentic global dishes are just minutes away. Pick up a pouch today for an aromatic, nutritious side that’s ready in no time!


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