Simply Cheetos White Cheddar Variety Pack – The Perfect Cheesy Snack Combination!



Satisfy your cravings with this delicious variety pack of 36 bags of Simply Cheetos White Cheddar snacks. This pack includes 18 bags each of crunchy bites and puffed cheesy goodness, giving you the perfect amount of bold white cheddar flavor in every bite.

As parents, we are always on the lookout for snacks we can feel good about giving our kids. With Simply Cheetos, you can share these crunchy, puffy snacks knowing they have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Simply put, these are the wholesome snacks you’ll love sharing with your family.

Irresistible White Cheddar Flavor You’ll Crave

Take a bite into these satisfyingly crunchy snacks and you’ll be hooked on the bold white cheddar flavor. The iconic cheesy taste of Cheetos is transformed into the perfect snackable bite size pieces, coated in a delightful white cheddar cheese flavoring.

Pop open a bag of the white cheddar puffs and you’ll be snacking on airy, puffy corn bites bursting with cheesiness. These light and crispy puffs are irresistibly poppable and perfect for munching by the handful straight from the bag.

For a heartier crunch, grab a bag of the white cheddar crunchy bites. These classic crunchy Cheetos snacks are coated in mouthwatering white cheddar and deliver the satisfying crunch you love.

No matter which texture you’re craving, this variety pack lets you enjoy two beloved Cheetos snacks in one delicious white cheddar flavor.

Wholesome Snacking for the Whole Family

Searching for better-for-you snacks the entire family will enjoy? Simply Cheetos are made with real ingredients you can feel good about.

These snacks are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Instead, they are thoughtfully crafted with simple, high-quality ingredients like enriched corn meal, vegetable oils, and natural flavors.

We know how important it is to have snack options that parents can feel good about sharing with their kids. These crunchy and puffy bites make for a satisfying snack you’ll all get a kick out of.

Keep a bag tucked away in your purse or backpack for wholesome snacking on-the-go. Stash some in your pantry at home so kids can grab something to munch on after school. Bring them along for road trips or soccer practice – anytime cravings strike!

Snack Freshness You Can Trust

To ensure you get the freshest tasting snacks every time you open a bag, Simply Cheetos have a short shelf life of just 60-90 days. You can trust the quality and flavor in every bite.

Look for the “best by” date printed on each bag. This shows the month and day the snacks are at their peak freshness and flavor. For example, “Aug 16” means you can enjoy those crunchy, puffy bites at their finest through August 16th.

Once open, we recommend finishing the bag within a few days to get that just baked taste and texture. Unopened bags can be stored in a cool, dry pantry.

Compared to other snacks that can sit on shelves for over a year, the short shelf life of Simply Cheetos ensures you get snacks bursting with flavor. You taste the difference that freshness makes.

Perfectly Portable Snacking

With each bag containing 0.875 ounces of crunchy or puffy bites, these snack packs are perfectly portioned for grabbing on-the-go.

Toss a few bags in your purse, keep some in your car, stash them in your desk drawer at work – wherever you may get hit with a cheesy craving! These grab-and-go bags are ideal for snacking anytime, anywhere.

Kids will love having their own individual bags to munch on in the car, at home, on field trips, or wherever hunger strikes. More snack less fight over one bag!

Let the snacks accompany you on family outings like hikes, road trips, the zoo, and more. Crunchy white cheddar happiness is never more than a reach away.

Share the Snacking Joy

A variety pack like this one is perfect for sharing with family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and anyone who appreciates a delicious cheesy snack.

Bring it to parties or keep a stockpile for when guests come over so you can offer them the satisfying crunch or airy puffs of Simple Cheetos. Try adding the bags to goodie bags for kids’ birthday parties, camps, or school events.

Surprise your kids with these crunchy, puffy snacks in their lunch boxes or arrange little bags in snacks drawers at home so they can help themselves.

Gift it for birthdays, holidays, care packages, or anytime you want to brighten someone’s day with the gift of snacking joy. The possibilities are endless when you have 36 bags ready for sharing!

Get Your Cheesy Snack Fix

Why choose between crunchy and puffy snacks when you can have both? With this Simply Cheetos variety pack, white cheddar happiness is bundled in one box ready for snacking.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the iconic cheesy flavors of Cheetos in a wholesome way. Free from artificial ingredients, these snacks are totally shareworthy.

Satisfy cravings wherever they may strike with these perfectly portable, individually wrapped White Cheddar Crunchy and Puffy bags. Made with real ingredients, you’ll feel good enjoying every tasty bite.

So go ahead – grab a bag, dig in, and experience the mouthwatering white cheddar flavor in each delightful crunch. This could be the beginning of a beautiful snacking relationship!


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