Simply Scrumptous Fat Free Zucchini Muffins (12 Count)



Satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy lifestyle with these freshly baked fat free zucchini muffins. Each grab-and-go pack contains 12 soft, scrumptious muffins with just 90 calories and 0g fat per serving. Made with wholesome ingredients like shredded zucchini, whole wheat flour, and oats, these guilt-free treats pack 6g of fiber to keep you feeling full. Enjoy a nutritious snack on-the-go, with coffee, or as a healthy dessert.

Guilt-Free Indulgence With Just 90 Calories Per Muffin

Craving something sweet but don’t want all the fat and calories? Reach for a Simply Scrumptous zucchini muffin. These satisfying snacks clock in at just 90 calories and 0g fat per muffin.

The secret lies in replacing some of the all-purpose flour with nutrient-rich whole wheat flour and oats. Fresh shredded zucchini adds moisture while eliminating the need for added fats like oil or butter. A touch of cinnamon and vanilla extract gives these healthy muffins plenty of flavor.

With only 8g net carbs per muffin, Simply Scrumptous makes it easy to treat yourself while sticking to a balanced diet. They’re sweetened just enough to curb a craving without going overboard on sugar.

Packs an Energy-Boosting 6g of Fiber Per Muffin

Not only are these zucchini muffins fat-free, they also deliver a whopping 6g of fiber per muffin. That’s about the same amount of fiber as two slices of whole wheat toast!

The fiber comes from whole wheat flour, oats, and fresh shredded zucchini – ingredients that feed your body with more than just empty calories. Fiber keeps you fuller longer while supporting healthy digestion and balanced blood sugar levels.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon, a Simply Scrumptous zucchini muffin provides a fiber-fueled pick-me-up to power you through. The high fiber content helps transform these sweet snacks into a guilt-free, any time treat.

Made with 100% Natural, Wholesome Ingredients

You’ll feel good about munching on these healthy baked goods because they’re made with nourishing natural ingredients like:

  • Fresh shredded zucchini
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Oats
  • Cinnamon
  • 100% Pure vanilla extract

Simply Scrumptous uses no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – just real foods like whole grains, veggies, spices and pure extracts. We shred only the freshest green zucchini straight from the fields for natural sweetness and moisture.

The muffins are gently spiced with cinnamon and vanilla without any added sugar. Feel confident feeding your family these wholesome snacks full of fiber and natural goodness in every bite.

Grab and Go Convenience

With our pack of 12 individually wrapped muffins, healthy snacking on-the-go has never been easier. Toss one in your purse, gym bag, or briefcase for a satisfying pick-me-up at work, school, or on the road. Each muffin stays fresh in its own wrapper so you can enjoy now or later.

Keep a pack in your pantry for easy grab-and-go breakfasts. Slip some in your kids’ or grandkids’ lunchboxes for a sweet treat. Or hand them out at soccer practice for healthy team snacks. However you Simply Scrumptous, you’ll love the convenience of our individually wrapped muffins.

Part of a Balanced Breakfast or Nutritious Dessert

While these zucchini muffins taste sweet enough to be a dessert, they make a wonderfully nutritious addition to any meal. Enjoy one as part of a well-rounded breakfast alongside fresh fruit, yogurt, and eggs or oatmeal.

For lunch or dinner, pair a muffin with soup, salad, or a light sandwich for added staying power. And if you want a healthy dessert or bedtime snack, Nothing satisfies quite like warm zucchini muffin with a cup of chamomile tea or cold glass of milk.

However you choose to eat Simply Scrumptous, you can feel good knowing they help cap off any meal with extra nutrition, not empty calories.

Quality You Can Trust

As a small family-owned bakery, we take pride in crafting top quality baked goods with simple, natural ingredients. Every batch of Simply Scrumptous zucchini muffins is made by hand in our facility using our unique family recipe. We oven-bake in small batches and rush freshness from our kitchen right to your door.

We stand behind the great taste and nutrition of our snacks. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, please contact us – we’ll happily replace your muffins or provide a full refund.

We think you’ll love indulging in these secretly healthy muffins as much as we love baking them for you and your family. We can’t wait for you to enjoy delicious, wholesome snacking with Simply Scrumptous!


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