Slim Jim Steakhouse Beef Steak Strips Smokin’ Mesquite Flavored Meat Snacks (3.15 oz Bag)



Saddle Up Your Hunger with Slim Jim’s Smokin’ Mesquite Steak Strips

When hunger strikes, reach for a bag of Slim Jim Steakhouse Beef Steak Strips. These meat snacks deliver a big, bold flavor that will tame even the wildest appetite. Slim Jim infuses 100% premium steak strips with an authentic smoky mesquite flavor that captures the spirit of the Old West. Every tender, jerky-style strip packs a hearty protein punch to keep you energized for whatever adventures lie ahead.

This 3.15 oz bag holds a trail-ready stash of Smokin’ Mesquite seasoned steak strips, perfect for tossing in your saddlebag or backpack. The resealable bag keeps the meaty snacks fresh while you’re on the move. When cravings kick in, peel open a pack and get ready for a burst of savory umami with a touch of spice. It’s a taste that’ll put hair on your chest!

100% Premium Beef Steak Strips

At the heart of these meat snacks are 100% premium cuts of real steak. That means no mystery meat or artificial flavors – just delicious genuine beef. Slim Jim starts with quality steak cuts then slices them into tender strips made for snacking on the go. The thin slices make it easy to grab a protein-packed bite whenever and wherever hunger strikes.

While most beef jerky can be tough and dry, these steak strips maintain a pleasantly chewy texture with a nice kiss of spice. Each meaty bite is infused with authentic smoky mesquite flavor to transport your taste buds straight to the campfire.

8g of Protein to Power Your Day

A healthy snack should do more than just curb cravings. It should provide lasting energy to power you through the day or fuel your fitness. That’s why Slim Jim Steakhouse Steak Strips deliver a hearty 8g of protein per serving. Protein gives your body the key nutrients it needs to build muscle, strength and satisfaction.

The steak strips make it simple to get a protein punch at school, work, the gym or on the go. Just 3-4 meaty strips pack 8g of protein to keep you feeling full and focused for hours. Their thin cut also means you get to enjoy more snack for your buck compared to bulky jerky cuts.

Mesquite Smoked Flavor of the Old West

Take your taste buds on a trip to the Old West with the authentic smoky flavor of mesquite wood. Slim Jim infuses their steak strips with a legendary smoky aroma that captures the essence of cowboy cooking. It’s a robust flavor you can almost taste over an open campfire.

Mesquite smoke permeates the tender beef strips to deliver a rich depth and savory satisfaction. A touch of spice brings out the flavor even more for a taste you’ll want to savor again and again. It’s a mountain of incredible flavor packed into light, protein-rich bites!

Convenient On-the-Go Snacking

Staying powered up for life’s adventures means having protein-packed snacks always by your side. That’s why the Slim Jim Steak Strips bag is perfectly portable for stuffing in your:

– Saddlebag
– Gym bag
– Briefcase
– Backpack
– Hunting pack
– Office drawer

The thin steak strips are ready to ride shotgun wherever the trail leads you. Pop open a bag for easy snacking at school, work, the campsite or the open road. The resealable bag ensures freshness during travels near and far.

Whether you need an energy boost at the office, protein after pumping iron or a curb for cravings at home, Slim Jim Steakhouse Steak Strips deliver tasty fuel for every occasion. Saddle up wherever hunger strikes!

Slim Jim’s Legacy of Bold Snacking

For over 75 years, Slim Jim has crafted specialty meat snacks made for life on the move. Their hearty, convenient protein snacks fuel millions of hungry trailblazers across the nation. The brand stays true to their legacy by using only quality ingredients. Their Steakhouse Steak Strips uphold that promise of bold flavor in a portable, protein-rich form you can feel good about enjoying anytime.

When you need meaty fuel to power life’s greatest adventures, trust a Slim Jim Steak Strip to hit the spot. Throw a bag in your pack and taste the robust, smoky flavor of the West wherever you roam. It’s the protein snack you’ll want along for the ride every step of the trail!


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