SPAM Maple Glazed Canned Pork – 12 oz Can



Take your taste buds on a sweet and savory adventure with SPAM’s Maple Glazed Canned Pork. This 12 ounce can packs deliciously cured pork shoulder that’s slathered in a maple flavored glaze, bringing the perfect balance of smokey, salty pork and sweet maple syrup. Just one taste and you’ll be hooked on this iconic American classic with a breakfast twist!

Maple Flavored Glaze Takes SPAM to New Heights

The SPAM brand has been creating high-quality canned meats since 1937 using simple, real ingredients. This Maple Glazed version takes their flagship product to the next level. It starts with their signature blend of pork shoulder and ham, smoked to perfection. Then it gets brushed with a maple flavored glaze for a hint of sweetness. You get that quintessential SPAM umami flavor along with syrupy goodness in every bite!

Sweet Meets Savory – Great Any Time of Day

Whether you’re craving a sweet treat for breakfast or a savory snack for dinner, SPAM Maple Glazed has you covered. The maple flavor gives it a breakfast vibe that’s perfect for:

  • Piling high on waffles or pancakes
  • Frying up with eggs and hashbrowns
  • Adding to a breakfast sandwich or biscuit

But it still has that distinctive SPAM taste, so it also shines at lunch or dinner time:

  • Slapping on a burger or sandwich
  • Slicing thin for appetizers and snacks
  • Dicing up in fried rice or pasta
  • Cooking in a skillet with veggies

The options are endless! Enjoy SPAM Maple Glazed any time of day.

Convenient Shelf-Stable Can is Perfect for On-the-Go

Like all SPAM products, this Maple Glazed Canned Pork is fully cooked inside the can. That means it can be stored in your pantry for years without refrigeration or freezing required. You can take it camping, keep it in your desk drawer at the office, or pack it in your kid’s lunchbox without any food safety worries.

When you’re ready to eat, just open the pull tab can and your hot or cold SPAM meal is ready in seconds. It’s the ultimate portable protein to stash wherever you need a quick meat option.

Packed with 7g of Protein Per Serving

You get a solid protein punch from every 1 slice serving of SPAM Maple Glazed. Each serving contains 7g of protein to help keep you satiated. It can turn any carb-heavy meal like pancakes or rice into a balanced dish.

Compare that to most syrups which are all sugar, no substance. This maple glazed SPAM gives you a sweet kick along with meaty protein power.

Made with Simple, Quality Ingredients

SPAM products have only ever been made with 6 simple ingredients: pork shoulder, ham, salt, water, potato starch, and sodium nitrite. No artificial flavors, colors, or byproducts go into this canned pork.

The maple glaze is also crafted from straightforward ingredients like corn syrup, maple flavoring, and caramel color. You can feel good knowing exactly what’s inside each oh-so-satisfying serving.

Trusted SPAM Brand Since 1937

For over 80 years, SPAM products have been a cherished staple in American households. The distinctive blue cans are instantly recognizable in pantries across the nation. The SPAM family of canned meat is produced by Hormel Foods Corporation, a company lauded for its commitment to quality, innovation and value.

With the Maple Glazed variety, they’ve given their classic canned pork a touch of sweetness without compromising quality or convenience. It’s still the SPAM you know and love!

Try It Risk-Free

Experience the sweet, smoky flavor of SPAM Maple Glazed Canned Pork for yourself by ordering a can today. It makes a tasty addition to so many meals and snacks, and it’s endlessly shelf-stable, portable convenience you can’t beat. If for any reason you don’t love this product, you’re protected by our money-back guarantee. We’re confident SPAM Maple will become your new pantry staple once you try it!


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