Spindrift Sparkling Water Lime Variety Pack – Refreshing Lime Flavor with Just 4 Calories



Stay hydrated and satisfied with the refreshing taste of real squeezed lime juice in every sip. This Spindrift lime sparkling water pack includes 24 sleek 12 oz cans brimming with fruit-flavored fizz and just 4 calories per can.

Made with simple, high-quality ingredients, this beverage brings a touch of brightness to any moment. Enjoy the naturally sweet lime flavor anywhere – at home, work, parties, or on the go!

Real Squeezed Lime Juice Taste

What makes Spindrift stand apart from other sparkling waters? Each sip contains just the right amount of real squeezed lime juice – 4% to be exact.

You can actually taste the refreshing lime flavor thanks to juice extracted straight from real limes. Unlike artificially flavored seltzers, the fruit taste comes from actual fruit – never from concentrate.

The result is a crisp, subtle lime taste that’s not overly sweet or tart. Natural flavors shine through for thirst-quenching goodness. Sip after lime-kissed sip, you’ll notice the difference real makes.

Lightly Carbonated with a Perfect Pulp

In addition to real lime juice, Spindrift Sparking Water gets its signature taste from the light carbonation and touch of pulp.

Each sip features a perfectly balanced fizziness from carbonated purified water. The result is a bubbly sensation that dances on your tongue without being too harsh or overwhelming.

You’ll also notice a slight pulp-like texture when you drink Spindrift. This comes from the real squeezed fruit, adding body and flavor. The pulp complements the carbonation for a smooth, satisfying drinking experience.

Spindrift is carbonated just right, so the fruit juice can shine through. Sip after refreshing sip, you’ll taste the difference the pulp and bubbles make.

No Added Sugars or Sweeteners

Many flavored sparkling waters load up on sweeteners to mask the artificial flavors. Not Spindrift.

Because it uses real squeezed lime juice, Spindrift doesn’t need any added sweeteners. The natural sweetness comes from the lime fruit itself, resulting in just 4 grams of sugar and 4 calories per serving.

Ditch the artificial sweeteners and enjoy fruit-flavored fizz you can feel good about. Spindrift is sweetened with real fruit – never sugar substitutes.

Crafted with Quality Ingredients

Spindrift starts with quality ingredients to create a better-for-you beverage option. Each sip contains:

– Carbonated purified water – filtered for purity
– 4% real squeezed lime juice – from family farms
– Just 4 grams sugar & 4 calories per can
– No added sweeteners
– Non-GMO
– Gluten-free
– Kosher
– No artificial flavors or preservatives

Made without shortcuts, Spindrift avoids artificial and synthetic ingredients. Feel good serving it to family and friends knowing it’s free of unhealthy extras.

Refreshingly Fizzy Hydration

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, but plain water can get boring. Elevate your H2O with the taste of real lime juice in every fizzy can of Spindrift.

Keep cans stocked at home and work for a refreshing pick-me-up any time. The lightweight cans make it easy to toss in your bag and sip on the go.

Spindrift adds excitement to water, so you can meet your daily fluid intake with a beverage you’ll love drinking. The lime flavor provides a touch of brightness to keep you feeling refreshed.

Whether sipping after a tough workout or paired with a meal, Spindrift satisfies thirst while delivering actual fruit flavor and fizz.

Mix Up Your Drink Routine

Bring out the flavor in cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks by using Spindrift Lime as your soda alternative.

Add some sparkle to water, juices, smoothies, and more. Mix with alcohol, fresh fruit, herbs, syrups, and let your taste buds explore the possibilities.

With its crisp, subtly sweet taste, Spindrift makes a fantastic spritzer base. Get creative mixing and matching it with other ingredients to liven up your drink routine.

Guilt-Free Sipping

Craving the satisfaction of a fizzy drink but don’t want all the sugar, calories, and artificial ingredients? Reach for a refreshing can of Spindrift Lime.

With just 4 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving, you can sip away without guilt. And because it uses real fruit juice, you also avoid unhealthy chemical flavorings.

When that fizzy drink fix strikes, grab a Spindrift instead of sugary soda or artificially flavored seltzer. Feel good enjoying the taste of real lime as you hydrate.

Sparkling Water Variety

With this 24-pack, you get to enjoy a variety of delicious Spindrift flavors:

– 12 cans Lime
– 12 cans Lemon

Keep your taste buds excited by alternating between the thirst-quenching lemon and lime flavors. Both use real squeezed fruit juice for refreshingly real taste you’ll love.

Try sipping the flavors individually or combine them for a citrus-fruit infusion flavor. However you mix it up, you’ll stay hydrated with fizzy fruit goodness.

Stock Up and Save on Refreshment

Stay stocked up on flavor-filled refreshment with this convenient 24-pack case of 12 oz Spindrift cans.

It’s the perfect size for keeping at home or the office to make sure you always have a supply of tasty lime seltzer on hand.

Grab this pack to save on each can compared to individually purchasing. Plus, buying in bulk means fewer trips to the store when you run out.

Share the Refreshing Taste of Real Fruit Fizz

Keep friends, family, and coworkers refreshed by sharing cans of zesty lime Spindrift. Bring it to gatherings, pack it in lunches, or gift it to others so they can enjoy fizzy hydration made with real fruit juice.

Thanks to the sleek cans, you can bring it anywhere. Pop open a can of Spindrift and make any moment a little more refreshing.

Crack Open a Can and Taste the Lime Difference

With its crisp carbonation, touch of pulp, and real lime squeeze in every sip, Spindrift adds satisfying flavor to hydration. Ditch artificially flavored seltzer waters and enjoy the refreshingly real taste.

Crack open a can and let the delightful lime aroma put a smile on your face. Taste the difference real fruit juice makes in naturally flavored fizz. Refreshment this tasty is something to smile about.


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