STOBOK 1500Pcs Edible Rice Paper – Glutinous Wafer Sheets for Candy Packaging & Bakery, 3.15″ x 2.56″



Package homemade candies and pastries like a professional with STOBOK edible rice paper. Our tasteless, transparent wafer sheets add a finishing touch to your baked goods and confections. Use these bakery supplies to wrap candy, coat truffles, line cupcake tins, and more!

1500 count glutinous rice paper sheets
3.15 x 2.56 inches per sheet
Made from food-grade corn and cassava starch
Odorless, tasteless, and dissolvable
Moisture-proof barrier for storage
FDA approved ingredients

Pretty Packaging for Candy & Baked Goods

Rice paper sheets create a clean, professional look for your homemade sweets. Wrap candies, chocolates, caramels, and more with these edible glutinous papers. The thin, transparent material lets the treats inside shine.

Line cupcake tins to bake cupcakes that smoothly release from the pan. Press sheets into chocolate molds before pouring ganache over top. Roll truffle balls in rice paper to finish off the coating. Use wafer sheets between layers of cake for a smooth stack.

STOBOK edible rice paper is a versatile bakery supply that takes your gifts and desserts to the next level. Surprise loved ones with beautifully wrapped homemade candies that look store-bought. Impress guests with picture-perfect plated desserts.

Made with Food-Grade Starches

Our tasteless wafer sheets are made from corn starch and cassava starch, two common food thickeners. They contain no wheat, nuts, dairy, or artificial additives. The simple ingredients meet FDA guidelines for direct consumption in food.

The rice paper quickly dissolves on the tongue when eating candies. It won’t affect flavors of enclosed treats. These edible wrappers provide a clean, neutral casing that won’t compete with fillings. Use them to package chocolates, caramels, jelly candies, and more.

The sheets have a subtle sweetness from the plant starches. You may detect a very light starchy flavor, but the wafer mostly disappears when used. STOBOK rice paper is safe to eat but can also be discreetly removed before serving baked goods.

Moisture-Proof Barrier

Rice paper makes an excellent barrier against moisture, air, and contaminants. The hydrophobic edible sheets lock out humidity that can compromise chocolate, caramel, or other hygroscopic confections.

Wrap baked goods like cookies, brownies, and cakes to retain freshness in storage. The edible coating prevents drying and staleness for days longer. Rice paper also protects delicate desserts from damage during transport to parties or as gifts.

Simple Instructions for Use

Using STOBOK edible wafer paper is easy with a few tips:

– Store sheets sealed at room temperature to prevent drying. Remove only what’s immediately needed.

– For candies, wrap individual pieces or mold shapes using 1-2 layers of rice paper. Seal edges with a drop of water.

– When sheet is pliable, gently press into tin cavities to line before baking cupcakes or muffins.

– Place larger wafer sheets between cake layers before frosting to prevent sticking.

– For rolled truffles or balls, roll in gently twisted rice paper to finish coating. Pinch edges closed.

– Allow any wrapped goods to fully dry before additional handling to prevent tears.

The edible gluten-free paper is food safe but not recommended for cooking at high heat. Bake goods wrapped in rice paper at less than 300°F. Remove from heat before paper starts browning.

Decorate Desserts Like a Pro

Edible rice paper sheets take your homemade candies and baked treats to new levels. Use them to:

– Wrap chocolate truffles, caramels, jelly candies, and more
– Line cupcake tins for easy release after baking
– Create moisture barriers between layers of cake or frosted cookies
– Roll balls or bars in paper to complete a professional finish
– Press into molds for a smooth coating before adding fillings
– Package gifts, party favors, and dessert platings

With 1500 sheets per pack, you’ll have enough to wow at many events and holidays. Share cute packaged candies and pastries at birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more!

Get the Experience of Specialty Bakeries at Home

STOBOK edible wafer paper makes your homemade confections and baked goods look store quality. Use these versatile bakery supplies to add gourmet finishing touches right from your own kitchen.

Order edible rice paper sheets now to beautifully package your next creations!


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