Strange Brew Imperial Stout Homebrew Beer Making All Grain Recipe Kit



Experience the bold, roasty flavors of an Imperial Stout crafted right in your own home with the Strange Brew Imperial Stout Homebrew Beer Making Recipe Kit. This all grain recipe kit contains everything you need to brew 5 gallons of smooth, rich Imperial Stout with 8.7% ABV that will impress your friends.

Brew a Big, Bold Imperial Stout

Imperial Stouts are characterized by their very dark color, full body, and intense roasted malt flavors. Our recipe brings out bold coffee and chocolate notes balanced with just enough hop bitterness to keep it drinkable. With an ABV of 8.7%, this jet black elixir will envelop your senses.

This full all grain recipe kit features a grist of Maris Otter, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Carafa Special III, and Flaked Oats to produce a very dark beer with ruby highlights. The oats impart a silky mouthfeel. Our house ale yeast leaves the rich malt character front and center.

Follow the detailed instructions to mash, lauter, boil, ferment, bottle, and carbonate 5 gallons of high gravity stout. The kit includes yeast, priming sugar, bottle caps, and all the information you need to brew this beer like a pro right at home.

Customize Your Brew

Once you master the original recipe, you can start customizing your brews. Try adding coffee beans, cocoa nibs, or vanilla beans to the secondary for extra flavor complexity. Adjust the ratio of specialty grains to fine tune the beer to your taste preferences.

Up the ABV even further by increasing the amount of malt extract. Or tone it down a bit by cutting the maris otter. Play with different yeast strains to change the ester profile. Add extra spices like cinnamon or chilies for a unique twist.

Brewing your own beer at home lets you experiment with flavors and explore new styles. This Imperial Stout recipe kit provides the perfect base to craft your own signature stout creation.

Brew Like a Pro with High Quality Ingredients

We source only the freshest, highest quality ingredients so you can brew exceptional beer at home. The malt extract and specialty grains come from top maltsters and feature a proprietary blend perfected over years of small batch homebrew recipes.

Our strain of house ale yeast is ideal for fermenting bold, full-flavored beers. We provide the exact quantity needed and package it fresh. No need to fuss with liquid yeast starters.

Priming sugar is portioned for precise carbonation so you’ll get a nice tight head and perfect effervescence. The bottle caps are durable and tight-sealing to prevent oxygen ingress or exploding bottles.

Everything in this Imperial Stout kit is carefully sourced, measured, and packaged to help you brew professional quality beer.

The Perfect Gift for Homebrewers

Know someone who loves drinking and brewing beer? This Imperial Stout recipe kit makes a fantastic gift. The full all grain recipe has everything needed to craft a big, complex dark beer that looks and tastes like it came from a brewpub.

Give the gift of homemade beer with custom flavors and total control over the brewing process. This kit is perfect for intermediate brewers looking to expand into all grain brewing or experiment with higher gravity styles like Imperial Stouts.

Watch their eyes light up the first time they taste the silky, roasty homemade stout crafted using your thoughtful gift. The included instructions ensure brew day goes smoothly so they’ll be eager to try more recipes.

Delicious Homebrew in 3 Weeks

With this kit, you can have delicious Imperial Stout ready to drink just 3 weeks after brew day.

Here’s a quick overview of the process:
– Brew Day (60-90 min): Crush grains, mash, lauter, boil wort, cool, and transfer to fermenter.
– Primary Fermentation (1-2 weeks): Yeast converts sugars into CO2 and alcohol.
– Bottling Day (60-90 min): Siphon beer to bottling bucket, mix in priming sugar, fill and cap bottles.
– Conditioning (1-2 weeks): Bottles carbonate and beer clarifies.
– Enjoy! Chill and serve your smooth, roast-forward homemade Imperial Stout.

With easy step-by-step instructions, beginner homebrew techniques, and included ingredients, this kit makes brewing world-class stout simple and fun.

Order the Strange Brew Imperial Stout Homebrew Beer Making Recipe Kit today and see for yourself how rewarding and delicious brewing your own beer can be!


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