Superfood Science Agaricus Bio – Mushroom Wellness Formula



Unlock the power of mushrooms with Superfood Science Agaricus Bio. This premium mushroom supplement delivers 600mg of organic Agaricus Blazei Murill per serving to support immune health, liver function, and overall wellbeing.*

Harvested on a certified organic farm in the USA, Agaricus Blazei Murill is revered as the “King of Mushrooms” for its robust nutritional profile. Our Agaricus Bio capsules harness the benefits of this medicinal mushroom to reinforce your body’s natural defenses and vitality.*

The Superfood Power of Agaricus Blazei Murill

Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM) is packed with polysaccharides, amino acids, beta glucans, and other compounds that provide a multitude of health advantages:

Immune System Support*

ABM is renowned for its immune boosting properties. It contains the polysaccharide Beta-1,6 glucan, which supports immune cell function and activity.*

Liver Function*

Research indicates ABM may help maintain normal liver enzyme levels and support overall liver health.*

Cellular Health*

The antioxidants in ABM fight free radicals and oxidative damage to promote cellular vitality.*

Energy & Vitality*

This adaptogenic mushroom helps combat fatigue and restores vibrancy you can feel.*

Overall Wellness*

ABM provides a wealth of nutritional support to help you thrive and feel your best every day.*

The Superfood Science Difference

At Superfood Science, we take great care to provide the highest quality mushroom supplements on the market. Here’s what makes our Agaricus Bio formula special:

Organic USA-Grown ABM

We source our mushrooms from trusted organic growers right here in the USA.

600mg Serving

Each capsule provides 600mg of pure Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom.

No Fillers, Additives

Our Agaricus Bio capsules contain absolutely no fillers, flow agents or additives of any kind.

100% Vegetarian

Our capsules are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Non-GMO, Gluten Free

Our formula is non-GMO and free of gluten, wheat, and dairy.

Benefits of Agaricus Bio Mushroom Capsules

✅ 600mg of organic Agaricus Blazei Murill per serving

✅ Supports immune health*

✅ Promotes liver function*

✅ Boosts cellular vitality*

✅ Increases energy and vitality*

✅ Vegetarian friendly capsules

✅ Non-GMO and gluten free

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Agaricus Blazei Murill grown?

Our ABM mushrooms are grown organically in the USA under strict quality control. The mushrooms are never treated with pesticides or chemicals.

When should I take Agaricus Bio?

Take 1-2 capsules per day, preferably with food. The capsules can be taken anytime throughout the day.

Is Agaricus Bio safe to take long term?

Yes, Agaricus Bio can be safely taken for extended periods as part of your daily health regimen. Mushrooms like ABM have been used for centuries as natural tonics.

What benefits will I notice from taking this supplement?

Many users report increased energy, immune function, liver support, and an overall greater sense of health and vitality.* Benefits vary between individuals but most people can expect to feel the positive effects within 2-4 weeks.

Do the capsules contain any allergens?

Our capsules are free of soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, and other common allergens. They are vegan friendly. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns about allergies.

Experience the superfood power of mushrooms with Agaricus Bio from Superfood Science. Our organic ABM capsules provide a natural way to bolster your health and tap into the immune boosting, vitality enhancing properties of this medicinal mushroom. Add a bottle to your pantry today!


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