Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix (76.5 oz) – Creamy, Indulgent Sips with Every Cup



Treat yourself to the rich, chocolatey flavor of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Cocoa for a comforting cup day or night. This 76.5 oz canister provides an abundant supply of the top-selling cocoa mix for enjoying steaming mugs whenever a chocolate craving strikes.

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Cocoa has been warming hearts for over 50 years with its signature creamy, chocolate taste. This nostalgic classic delivers chocolatey goodness with each soothing sip, transporting you back to childhood while creating new family memories.

Irresistible Chocolate Flavor

The first sip says it all – Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Cocoa is truly chocolate perfection. Every spoonful delivers a rich cocoa flavor complemented by creamy dairy notes. The result is a perfectly balanced chocolate taste that’s indulgent yet never overwhelmingly sweet.

Made with real cocoa, this rewarding cocoa mix has an authentic chocolate flavor you can’t resist. One mug and you’ll be hooked on the chocolatey goodness only Swiss Miss can deliver. Friends and family will keep coming back for more too!

Quality Cocoa You Can Trust

As America’s #1 cocoa mix brand, Swiss Miss has perfected the art of chocolate with over 50 years of cocoa making experience. Their proprietary blend of cocoa and milk delivers consistent quality and taste in every cup.

Swiss Miss only uses premium ingredients like fresh milk, real chocolate and natural vanilla. You can trust this trusted brand for a comforting cup of cocoa the whole family loves.

BONUS Measuring Spoon for Easy Prep

This listing includes a BONUS Sophley measuring spoon so you can easily portion out the perfect amount of cocoa mix. No more guessing – just fill to the 1 tablespoon line for a single serving.

The stainless steel spoon has a flat handle that sits upright in the cocoa tin between uses. Convenient measurement markings help eliminate waste. Enjoy consistent results and less mess with this bonus cocoa companion!

Customize Your Cocoa Creation

While perfectly delicious on its own, Swiss Miss Cocoa offers endless possibilities for customizing your hot chocolate experience:

  • Add a splash of your favorite liqueur – Frangelico, Peppermint Schnapps, spiced rum or coffee liqueur are delicious!
  • Stir in chocolate shavings or marshmallows for extra decadence.
  • Top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cinnamon or crushed peppermint.
  • Blend with milk alternatives like almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk.
  • For a minty twist, add a drop of peppermint extract.

However you choose to enhance your cup, Swiss Miss Cocoa provides the perfect creamy, chocolate base.

Quality Cocoa for Every Occasion

With its nostalgic taste and easy preparation, Swiss Miss Cocoa is everyone’s go-to for comforting chocolate flavor. Enjoy a warm mug:

  • On a cold winter day
  • While cozying up with a book
  • After playing in the snow
  • Beside a crackling fire
  • As an after school treat
  • During family game night

A cup of Swiss Miss brings people together, making it a popular choice for hosting guests. Keep plenty of this top-selling cocoa on hand for chocolate cravings or impromptu gatherings year-round!

Limitless Chocolate Fun

This substantial 76.5 oz canister provides an abundant supply of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Cocoa for your household. Enjoy mug after mug of rich, chocolatey flavor all season long.

Whip up festive peppermint hot chocolate or creamy White Russians around the holidays. Celebrate with frothy mugs sprinkled with crushed candy canes or candy pieces.

When summer arrives, transition to chilled chocolate milk or ice-blended mochas for cooling cocoa refreshment. The possibilities are endless with Swiss Miss!

Treat yourself to chocolate goodness with every cup. Pick up a canister of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Cocoa today!


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