The Three Kringleteers – A Trio of Delectable Danish Kringles



Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delightful tasting tour of Racine, Wisconsin’s most famous baked goods with The Three Kringleteers package. This mouthwatering collection features one each of O&H Danish Bakery’s iconic Pecan Kringle, Apple Kringle, and Cream Cheese Kringle. With 36 delicate layers of flaky pastry and rich, sweet fillings in each generously sized Kringle, this is the perfect gift to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

An Authentic Taste of Wisconsin’s Favorite Pastry

Kringle are a traditional Danish pastry said to predate the croissant by hundreds of years. O&H Danish Bakery, a Racine institution since 1949, has perfected the art of Kringle baking. Each Kringle starts with 36 paper-thin layers of dough and butter that are carefully folded and rolled into O&H’s signature oval shape. The Kringles are then filled with fresh, quality ingredients before baking until golden brown.

The result is a Danish pastry like no other – flaky and melt-in-your-mouth on the outside, soft and decadent on the inside. The Three Kringleteers lets you sample three beloved Kringle flavors to discover your new favorite.

Pecan Kringle – A Nutty, Cinnamon Treat

The Pecan Kringle is filled with plump, Grade A fancy pecans blended with aromatic cinnamon and brown sugar. Each tender bite of this Wisconsin classic combines the rich taste of pecans with layers of flaky, sweet dough. The Pecan Kringle has been an O&H bestseller for over 70 years, loved for its simplicity and nutty aroma. It’s perfect for pecan pie fans or anyone who can’t resist the taste of cinnamon.

Apple Kringle – Fresh Michigan Apples in Flaky Pastry

Sweet, juicy Michigan apples fill the Apple Kringle, creating a fresh apple pie flavor in every bite. O&H sources apples locally when in season and from trusted Michigan orchards year-round for peak flavor. The apples are gently spiced, placed inside flaky Kringle dough, and baked to perfection. You’ll taste those authentic apples in the Apple Kringle, never syrupy or overpowering. It’s an irresistible taste of fall in the Midwest.

Cream Cheese Kringle – Rich, Velvety, and Unique

The Cream Cheese Kringle sets O&H Bakery apart with its smooth cheesecake filling. Each Cream Cheese Kringle is hand-filled with rich, velvety Wisconsin cream cheese blended until light and creamy. The tangy cream cheese filling complements the subtle sweetness of the pastry for a mouthfeel that is both rich and airy. The Cream Cheese Kringle is excellent on its own and divine paired with coffee or tea.

Baked Fresh Daily with Family Pride

O&H Danish Bakery handcrafts every Kringle in small batches at their bakery in Racine. Kringles arrive fresh, not frozen, because they are shipped quickly after baking. You can taste the care that goes into each Kringle, from the flaky layers to the premium fruit and nut fillings. O&H’s family ownership and traditions shine through in their dedication to quality ingredients and customer satisfaction.

The Berge family has proudly owned O&H since 1984, continuing the legacy started in 1949. They use family recipes passed down over the generations to create authentic Danish pastries. Now in their fifth decade of business, O&H remains committed to making Kringles the old-fashioned way – by hand, in small batches, with only the best ingredients.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Surprise your family or treat yourself to this sampler of O&H’s most coveted Kringles. The Three Kringleteers has something for everyone – the Apple Kringle’s fresh fruit taste, the Pecan Kringle’s cinnamon nuttiness, and the Cream Cheese Kringle’s decadent cheesecake flavor.

With its festive red, white and blue box, The Three Kringleteers makes a stellar gift for:

  • Birthdays
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Housewarmings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Office Gifts
  • Care Packages

The Three Kringleteers feeds 8-12 people, providing plenty to share. Each oval Kringle is around 10.5 x 13 inches and can be frozen for up to 6 months. Grab this special collection to experience O&H Danish Bakery’s most iconic flavors yourself or share the love by gifting it to family and friends across the country.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

O&H Danish Bakery wants every customer to be delighted with their authentic Danish pastries. If you are ever unsatisfied with your Kringle order, contact O&H’s helpful Bakery Team for assistance. O&H will happily replace or refund your order to ensure you have the fantastic Kringle experience you deserve. Their team is standing by 7 days a week to help.

Treat yourself to a taste of Wisconsin’s pastry heritage with The Three Kringleteers. Order today to have these handcrafted Kringles delivered fresh and ready to enjoy!


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