Tillamook Country Smoker Hunter’s Sausage Meat Sticks – Smoky Snack Sticks Packed with 13g Protein



Treat yourself to the bold, smoky flavor of Tillamook Country Smoker Hunter’s Sausage Meat Sticks. Inspired by the traditional German Landjäger dried sausages, these protein-packed snacks deliver a mild yet satisfying smoky taste that hunters, hikers, and snackers adore.

This bulk pack contains 36 ready-to-eat smoked sausage sticks, providing on-the-go protein you can enjoy any time. Keep a supply at home, in the car, at your desk, or in your backpack for a protein boost when hunger strikes.

Smoky Snacking Satisfaction

These smoked sausage sticks offer a supremely snackable flavor and texture. Slowly smoked over real hardwood, each stick boasts a charred, smoky exterior and smooth, savory interior. The mild seasoning features a blend of black pepper and other spices to complement the smoky flavor.

With 13 grams of protein in each stick, this smoked snack delivers lasting satisfaction in every bite. The protein helps keep you energized and focused between meals or any time cravings strike.

Convenient On-the-Go Protein

Hunter’s Sausage Meat Sticks are a handy high-protein snack for life on the go. Their slender size makes them easy to take anywhere. Keep a few sticks in your purse, glove box, backpack, or office drawer for protein when you need it most.

The bulk pack contains 36 individually wrapped sticks, giving you plenty to stash in multiple locations. That way, you always have a satisfying smoked snack within reach.

Low Carb Snacking

Each Hunter’s Sausage Meat Stick contains just 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of net carbs, with no added nitrates or MSG. This makes them an excellent keto-friendly and low-carb snack option. The generous protein content helps keep you feeling full and focused without spiking blood sugar.

Whether you’re on the keto diet or simply want a low-carb snack, these smoked sausage sticks make it easy to curb cravings. Their bold flavor and portability also make them ideal for savoring during hunting trips, camping weekends, road trips, and other outdoor adventures.

Crafted with Care in Oregon

Tillamook Country Smoker has been handcrafting smoked meats in Oregon for over 40 years. We use simple recipes and natural spices smoked over real hardwood fires. This gives our snacks exceptional flavor you won’t find in mass-produced alternatives.

Our Hunter’s Sausage Meat Sticks contain premium cuts of pork, water, sea salt, spices, and preservatives to maintain freshness. That’s it – no added sugars, artificial ingredients, or shortcuts. We smoke our sausages low and slow to lock in a rich, smoky taste.

This careful handcrafting means our meat sticks deliver quality and flavor you can trust, stick after stick. We take pride in making tasty smoked snacks with care and patience the old-fashioned way.

Try All Our Smoked Snacks

Complete your snacking lineup with other Tillamook Country Smoker favorites:

  • Old Fashioned Pepperoni – Classic pepperoni flavor made with pork, spices, and our signature smoke.
  • Teriyaki – Sweet and salty teriyaki jerky made with premium cuts of pork.
  • Zero Sugar – Keto-friendly meat sticks made with beef and zero added sugar.
  • Jalapeño – Spicy jalapeño-flavored jerky seasoned with cracked black pepper.
  • Pepper – Beef jerky seasoned with bold cracked black pepper.
  • Sweet & Spicy – Sweet and spicy pork jerky handcrafted in small batches.

With a variety of flavors and meat choices, we offer smoked snacks for every craving. Discover your new favorites today!

Order Hunter’s Sausage Meat Sticks Now

Bring home the rich, charred flavor of the outdoors with Tillamook Country Smoker Hunter’s Sausage Meat Sticks. These smoky, protein-packed snacks are perfect for everyday snacking, sporting events, road trips, the office, and more. Made in Oregon for over 40 years with care and quality you can trust.


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