Tofurky Vegan Smoked Ham Style Deli Slices – Tasty Plant-Based Slices



Enjoy the delicious taste of smoked ham without the meat! Tofurky’s vegan smoked ham style deli slices offer all the flavor you crave in a plant-based, cruelty-free package. These 5.5 oz slices come six to a pack for quick and easy sandwich stacking or party platter prepping. Keep a pack in the fridge for nutritious plant protein on-the-go.

Tender and Tart Smoky Flavor

Tofurky replicates the taste and texture of traditional deli ham using an ingenious blend of vital wheat gluten, water, and natural flavors. The slices feature a supple texture and smoky, salty flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Warm them up for tasty plant-based sandwiches or enjoy them cold stacked on crackers or bread. The slices hold together well for neat, satisfying bites.

Nutritious Vegan Protein

Each 1 oz serving contains 6g of plant protein to keep you satisfied. The slices are also an excellent source of iron and calcium and make a nutritious addition to any vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian diet. Avoid the cholesterol and saturated fat found in regular deli meats and enjoy the health benefits of plant-based protein with Tofurky.

Cruelty-Free and Environmentally Friendly

Tofurky deli slices are part of a kinder, greener way of eating. The slices are certified vegan and cruelty-free by The Vegan Society. Choosing plant-based foods reduces your carbon footprint and promotes more sustainable food practices. You can feel good serving Tofurky’s quality plant-based deli slices to family and friends.

Convenient and Versatile

Keep your fridge stocked with these handy 5.5 oz packs for quick sandwich stacking and effortless entertaining. The slices hold their shape well on crackers, party trays, in subs, or layered on bread. Take them on picnics, pack in lunches, or enjoy as an easy high protein snack directly from the fridge. Kids love the mild sweet smoky taste too!

Quality You Can Trust

Tofurky has been creating innovative plant-based foods since 1980. They are the #1 selling brand of plant-based holiday roasts and a favorite for everyday plant-based meals. Their deli slices are deliciously addicting and capture the taste and texture of smoked deli ham. Try Tofurky’s quality vegan deli slices and enjoy satisfying plant protein at its finest.

Order Now and Discover Plant-Based Deliciousness

Bring home the flavor, nutrition, and convenience of Tofurky vegan smoked ham style deli slices today. These plant-based slices satisfy ham cravings and provide guilt-free snacking directly from the fridge. Order a 6 pack now and see why customers rave about the authentic deli taste of Tofurky’s innovative vegan ham.


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