Transport Your Taste Buds to Japan with Authentic Dashi Powder – Seafood Stock to Elevate Any Dish



Experience the soul of Japanese cuisine with this seafood dashi stock powder, crafted in the land of the rising sun using traditional techniques perfected over centuries.

Made in the seaside town of Yaizu, renowned for its exceptional dried bonito, this blend of premium seafood ingredients creates a complex yet delicate umami-rich base for miso soup, ramen, udon, and any dish needing a flavor boost.

Traditional Japanese Ingredients, Modern Convenience

At the heart of this dashi powder is katsuobushi, dried, fermented, smoked skipjack tuna shavings prized in Japanese cooking. To extract the rich bonito flavor, the katsuobushi is simmered in water to make an aromatic infusion.

Complementing the bonito are four more dried seafoods:

  • Kombu – Sun-dried kelp with natural glutamates
  • Sardine – Adds a savory backbone
  • Mackerel – Contributes sweet, smoky notes
  • Flying fish – Rounds out flavor with mild brininess

Together these ingredients provide a well-balanced dashi with layers of flavor not found in shortcuts like MSG or bouillon cubes.

Gone is the hassle of having to prepare dashi stock from scratch. With these portable packets, you can whisk up authentic Japanese dashi in minutes.

Simply Add Water for Instant Umami

Making dashi couldn’t be easier. Just empty one packet into 400ml hot water, bring to a boil, then simmer 3-4 minutes.

The bonito and seafood dashi ingredients quickly infuse the water with savory umami goodness ready to use.

For richerflavor, use less water. Or for a quick seasoning boost, sprinkle the powder directly on finished dishes.

Elevate Soups, Noodles, Rice, Vegetables, and More

Use this instant dashi to unlock the full potential of Japanese favorites:

  • Make miso soup with delicate bonito notes
  • Whip up udon or soba noodle broth with rich seafood essence
  • Cook rice or grains to add subtle savory accent
  • Blanch vegetables to balance fresh sweetness with umami
  • Marinate meats to tenderize and impart subtle ocean flavors

But don’t stop there. Dashi brings delicious umami to all types of cuisine. Enliven pastas, salad dressings, braises, stews, and more with a splash of this seafood stock. Sprinkle on eggs, avocado, tofu for instant flavor punch.

Quality Dashi, Quality Results

This dashi stands apart from lesser seafood powders thanks to the stellar bonito and strict standards of the Yaizu region. You taste the difference this makes in the liquors and broths.

Made only of all-natural ingredients with no MSG or additive flavors. Use it as the secret weapon of Japanese chefs for unlocking decadent umami.

One order contains 30 single-serve packets with 8g bonito blend in each. Experience the magic this dashi brings to your cooking.


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