Uncle Henry’s Old-Fashioned Handmade Pretzels – Extra Salty Goodness from Lancaster County, PA



Sink your teeth into the extra salty, bakery-fresh pretzels from Uncle Henry’s Pretzel Bakery in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These aren’t your typical supermarket pretzels – Uncle Henry’s pretzels are lovingly handmade and crafted for unbeatable flavor and texture.

Extra Salty, Extra Tasty

Each 4-8 oz bag of pretzels is generously coated with crunchy pretzel salt for maximum flavor. The salty exterior contrasts deliciously with the soft, chewy interior. These traditional baked pretzels have the perfect balance of flavor and texture for snacking anytime.

Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels

Uncle Henry’s has been baking pretzels in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country since 1978 using time-honored recipes and techniques. The dough is carefully mixed by hand every morning with high-quality ingredients like unbleached wheat flour, water, and yeast.

The dough is gently rolled and twisted into the classic pretzel shape before getting the special Uncle Henry’s pretzel wash and salt topping. It’s the same process pretzel bakers have been using in Pennsylvania for over a century!

Baked the Old-Fashioned Way

After shaping, the pretzels go straight into the oven to be baked in a traditional stone hearth oven. The hot stone gives the pretzels an irregular, rustic appearance and that unmistakable pretzel taste and texture.

Uncle Henry’s still believes in baking pretzels the old-fashioned way. In a world of mass-produced pretzels, it’s the extra effort that makes these pretzels so special.

The Perfect Snack Food

Enjoy these crunchy, salty pretzels on their own or dip them in your favorite mustard or cheese sauce. Their delicious taste and satisfying texture make them the perfect snack for game days, parties, school lunches, or anytime hunger strikes.

Quality Ingredients from Lancaster County

Uncle Henry’s believes the best pretzels start with the best ingredients. They source high-quality flour and yeast from mills and suppliers in Lancaster County. The wheat for their flour is grown and milled right in Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

They still mix their dough and bake their pretzels the old-fashioned way – by hand in small batches. This ensures you get the highest quality pretzels bursting with authentic Pennsylvania Dutch flavor in every bite.

An Authentic Taste of Pennsylvania

Take your taste buds on a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country with every bite of these pretzels! Unlock a crunchy, salty, chewy pretzel goodness you won’t find in stores.

Treat yourself, your family, or your guests to this authentic Pennsylvania Dutch specialty. These hand-twisted, stone oven baked pretzels make the perfect gift or souvenir for those looking for a real taste of Pennsylvania.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Uncle Henry’s strives to make the very best handmade pretzels using time-honored techniques. Their bakery pretzels are never frozen, only baked fresh when you order. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the flavor and quality, they’ll make it right.

Bring the delicious flavor of Pennsylvania Dutch Country to your home today. Get authentic, old-fashioned pretzel goodness with every crunchy, salty bite of Uncle Henry’s!


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