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Treat your family and friends to delicious snacks and fried treats without the mess with the UPKOCH 2 Piece Fried Chicken Snack Basket. These handy metal baskets allow you to easily fry up chicken, chips, and more, then simply transfer them from the hot oil directly to the table for serving. Their compact size takes up minimal space in your kitchen while their clever design keeps fried foods hot and crispy.

Fry Up Delicious Snacks and Fried Treats

Tired of breading and frying chicken, fish, or chips only to have them get soggy after sitting out? With the UPKOCH fry baskets, simply place breaded items directly in the wire basket, lower into hot oil to cook, then transfer the entire basket to a plate or platter for serving. The metal wire design allows excess oil to drain away, keeping your fried foods crispy and mess-free.

The UPKOCH fry baskets are also perfect for cooking up batches of french fries, onion rings, and other battered snacks. Fill them with cut potato or onion pieces, lower into the fryer until golden brown, then serve piping hot right from the basket. The non-stick coating ensures even delicate foods won’t stick.

Compact Yet Spacious Design

Each order includes two white wire fry baskets, so you can cook multiple foods at once. Their oval shape provides plenty of interior space to hold a few chicken breasts, a hearty pile of fries, or a batch of poppers or jalapeno slices without overcrowding.

Measuring 7.5 x 5.5 x 2.75 inches, these baskets take up minimal storage space. Simply stash them in a kitchen drawer or hang from a pot rack until the next fry night. Despite their compact size, the baskets provide ample cooking capacity for a family meal or party snacks.

Multipurpose Basket for Serving and Storage

In addition to frying, the UPKOCH wire baskets work beautifully for serving baked goods right from the oven. Remove fresh muffins, cupcakes, or rolls from a baking sheet and transfer directly into the baskets for an attractive tabletop presentation. The built-in handles make it easy to pass the basket around the table.

The mesh metal design also provides excellent airflow, so you can use these baskets for storing fruits and vegetables. Place fresh apples, oranges, onions, potatoes, and more in the baskets and keep on the countertop or in the pantry. The open weave allows ethylene gases to escape, extending produce shelf life.

Durable Materials and Easy Cleaning

Crafted from durable carbon steel wire with a non-stick coating, the UPKOCH fry baskets allow you to enjoy years of crispy fried foods and mess-free serving. The metal material withstands high frying heats up to 450°F while the non-stick paint provides easy release of even sticky batter coatings.

After use, simply hand wash the baskets in hot soapy water. Avoid abrasive scrubbers to maintain the smooth non-stick finish. Then either hang to dry or gently wipe with a soft towel. Stash in a drawer or hang on a wall hook for convenient access next snack or fry night.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

UPKOCH provides a 100% money back guarantee for the fried chicken snack baskets. Try them out for frying, serving baked goods, or produce storage. If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact UPKOCH to return the baskets for a full refund or replacement.

With their clever wire basket design, non-stick coating, and compact shape, the UPKOCH fried chicken baskets are a must-have for messy frying tasks and attractive serving. Order your set today to enjoy crispy, hot snacks and fried foods that your family and friends will rave about!


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