Veyesbeauty Mixed Volume Lash Clusters – DIY Salon Quality Lashes at Home



Get salon-worthy lashes in minutes with the Veyesbeauty Mixed Volume Lash Clusters. This all-in-one lash kit contains a variety of lash clusters in multiple lengths and curls, giving you endless options to create any lash look you desire – from natural and wispy to bold and dramatic.

Luscious, Feather-Light Lashes in an Instant

Veyesbeauty’s lash clusters are made with premium synthetic PBT fibers, making them incredibly soft, flexible and lightweight. Each handmade cluster looks and feels like natural lash extensions. The mixed tray comes with short, medium and long clusters in both flat and curled styles. Easily mix and match to customize your ideal lashes.

Simple, Foolproof Application at Home

With just a few basic tools, you can achieve flawless lash extensions right at home. Just use lash glue to apply the clusters underneath your natural lashes. The clusters sandwich seamlessly between your real lashes, creating instant length, thickness and volume. Our clusters are reusable too – so you can get multiple long-lasting wears out of each set.

Customize Your Look – From Day to Night

What makes these DIY lash clusters so versatile is the ability to switch up your style anytime. Go from a daytime subtle, natural look to amped up glam in the evenings. The tray contains a wide assortment of clusters, ensuring you’ll have the exact ones needed to create any eye-opening lashes you desire.

Luxurious Lashes Minus the Salon Price Tag

Now you can get lavish, head-turning lashes without expensive salon trips and painful lash extension applications. Our easy-to-use lash clusters give you all the drama and bombshell lashes you love, without the damage or high maintenance. The DIY kit empowers you to quickly apply salon-worthy lashes from the comfort of home.

Lush, Feathery Lashes in 3 Simple Steps

Get a full, fluttery lash transformation with just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Prep your natural lashes by curling them with an eyelash curler. Apply the lash glue along your upper lash line.

Step 2: Using tweezers, carefully pick up a few lash clusters of your desired length and volume. Carefully place the clusters onto your natural lashes, sandwiching your real lashes between the cluster bands.

Step 3: Once the clusters are applied, seal them in place with the lash sealer. This ensures maximum hold and longevity.

And that’s it – you’ve got gorgeous, lavish lashes in minutes! The clusters seamlessly blend with your natural lashes for an authentic lash extension look.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Our lash clusters allow you to enhance your natural eye shape and features. Add length and fullness to straight lashes. Increase volume on shorter lashes. Crisscross different cluster shapes to lift round eyes. The possibilities are endless when you can customize your lash look from top to bottom.

The dramatic lashes draws attention to your gorgeous eyes. It’s perfect for intensifying any makeup look. Go from barefaced beauty to bombshell in just minutes. Bat those fluttery lush lashes at your next girls night out, date or special event.

Reusable and Long Lasting

Our premium quality lash clusters can be worn up to 10 times or more. Carefully remove with gentle cleanser at the end of the day. Let them fully dry and they’ll be ready for your next application. With proper care, you’ll enjoy weeks of durable wear from our thick, full lash clusters. At a fraction of the cost of traditional extensions!

Experience the confidence boost that comes with fluttering, gorgeous lashes. The Veyesbeauty DIY Lash Cluster Kit makes it possible to achieve striking eyes at home with ease. Switch up your look daily, from natural and sweet to sultry and bombshell. Get ready for the compliments to come pouring in!


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