Vigo Jumbo Squid in Sunflower and Olive Oil – Wild Caught Calamari from Spain



Treat yourself to the exceptional flavor of Vigo Jumbo Squid preserved in a blend of smooth sunflower and olive oils. These wild-caught calamari from the deep Atlantic waters of Spain offer a mild, sweet flavor and tender bite perfect for recipes, appetizers, and snacking.

Wild Caught Jumbo Squid from Spain

Vigo sources only plump, mature jumbo squid sustainably caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. The squid are promptly cleaned, prepped, and canned locally in Galicia, Spain to lock in their just-caught freshness. Preserving them in oil allows their sweet, briny flavor to shine.

Tender Bites of Squid in Sunflower and Olive Oil

These Spanish calamari steaks are generously cut into large, succulent pieces that are a joy to eat. The combination of antioxidant-rich olive oil and light, neutral sunflower oil allows the squid’s natural sweetness to take center stage. Every tender, chewy bite bursts with the flavor of the sea.

Packed with Protein and Nutrition

In addition to being low in calories and carbohydrates, squid is one of the best sources of lean protein in the sea. It’s naturally rich in B-vitamins, potassium, selenium and zinc. The healthy oils in this product provide anti-inflammatory omega-3s and vitamin E.

Sustainably Sourced from Spain’s Finest

Vigo Seafood produces all of its canned seafood sustainably, with full traceability from ocean to shelf. They only work with suppliers who share their values around social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Try Vigo today and taste Spain’s finest.

Globally Inspired Recipes Made Easy

Elevate everyday meals and expand your recipe repertoire with convenient canned calamari. Stuff squid tubes for an impressive appetizer, add to pasta or rice dishes, top salads and pizzas, mix into stir fries, or enjoy straight from the can as a snack.

Ready to Eat Convenience

Keep your pantry stocked with these grab-and-go cans of precooked squid. They require no refrigeration and make assembling quick, delicious meals a breeze. Bring them camping or stash some in your desk drawer for an easy protein boost.

Imported from Spain

As a coastal European nation, Spain has a rich history of quality seafood production. Vigo honors this tradition by sourcing only the best wild caught Atlantic squid to be canned in Galicia using century-old methods. Taste the passion that goes into every can.

Expertly Packed for Freshness

To retain maximum freshness and flavor, Vigo cans their squid within hours of being caught. Each can is vacuum sealed and pasteurized at high heat for safe shelf storage. The squid meat stays moist and tender thanks to the natural preservative powers of sunflower and olive oil.

A Culinary Adventure in Every Can

With Vigo gourmet canned seafood, you can travel the world’s flavors from the comfort of your kitchen. We think you’ll agree these Spanish calamari are a cut above the rest. Keep a few cans handy to add a taste of Spain to your cooking anytime.


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