Wild Caught Jumbo Squid from South China Sea (1 lb Bag)



Sink your teeth into the delicious taste of wild caught jumbo squid, sustainably sourced from the bountiful South China Sea. With a mildly sweet and salty flavor, these nutrient-dense dried squid packs make a satisfying snack or versatile ingredient to add umami depth to any dish.

Compared to squid caught in other oceans, the squid from China’s Nanhai region tend to be larger in size with thicker meat and a more pronounced sweetness. Slowly air dried and containing no additives or preservatives, this 1 pound bag of large squid maintains all the fresh, ocean-to-table flavor you’d expect from premium seafood.

Tender Texture and Natural Sweetness

These wild caught squid have been expertly cleaned and processed to highlight their intrinsically mild, slightly sweet taste. The thick, chewy texture becomes pleasantly tender when rehydrated yet retains a satisfying bite. Fresher and less rubbery than commercially processed squid found in the freezer section, these dried squid packs offer a milder, purer squid experience.

Loaded with Protein and Nutrients

Squid meat is naturally high in protein and low in fat, providing an excellent source of lean protein to support muscle growth and satisfy hunger. It also contains a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, copper, selenium, and vitamins B12 and B6. The high protein and low calorie content makes these dried squid an ideal on-the-go snack for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone looking to balance their macros.

Versatile Ingredient for Global Cuisines

Incredibly versatile, these mildly flavored giant squid work well in everything from Spanish paella to Japanese stir fry to Italian pasta. Their light sweetness perfectly balances spice rubs and salty sauces without overpowering the other ingredients. Rehydrate in soups and stews for tender squid in rich homemade broth. For the best flavor, avoid overcooking and aim for a tender chew.

Some delicious ways to enjoy:

  • Lightly coat in cornstarch and pan fry for crispy salt and pepper squid
  • Add to Japanese ramen or oden for extra protein and chewy texture
  • Marinate in soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger and grill for tasty yakitori skewers
  • Stir into Spanish or Thai rice dishes like paella and fried rice
  • Simmer in tomato sauce for seafood linguine or plate over pasta

Sustainably Wild Caught and Naturally Dried

These jumbo squid are thoughtfully caught using responsible fishing methods that help preserve healthy ocean ecosystems for future generations. Harvested from the South China Sea near Hainan province, the pristine waters provide ideal conditions for these squid to thrive.

After capture, the squid are immediately cleaned, processed, and dried slowly at low temperatures to lock in their natural flavor. Containing only one ingredient – wild caught squid – this product contains no preservatives, MSG, or other artificial additives. The result is fresh tasting, additive-free squid full of ocean goodness in every bite.

With its mild sweetness and substantial chew, this wild caught dried squid is sure to become your new favorite high-protein snack or versatile cooking ingredient. Order a bag today and enjoy the delicious taste of sustainably harvested seafood from the South China Sea.


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