Yoofoss Luxury Washcloths – Super Soft and Absorbent Bamboo Towels for Spa, Bath, Kitchen, or Baby (10 Pack)



Treat yourself to the softness and luxury of these plush bamboo washcloths from Yoofoss. Made from viscose derived from bamboo, these ultra-soft towels offer a sublime texture that feels gentle on skin. The bamboo fabric makes them more absorbent than regular cotton washcloths, yet they dry quickly after use.

This convenient 10-pack bundle provides multiple washcloths for use all around your home. Keep some handy by the bathroom sink for freshening up, others in the kitchen for drying dishes or hands, and a few in the baby’s room for bath time and diaper changes. Wherever softness and absorption are needed, these multipurpose bamboo washcloths deliver.


Luxuriously Soft Bamboo Fabric

The Yoofoss washcloths are made from rayon derived from bamboo. This specialized fabric offers an ultra-soft, plush texture that feels soothing on skin. More absorbent than regular cotton yet fast-drying, the bamboo washcloths provide a touch of luxury.

Perfectly Sized 10″ x 10″ Washcloths

These handy washcloths measure 10 inches square, making them the ideal size for multi-use. Keep them in the bathroom for freshening up at the sink, in the kitchen for drying hands or dishes, in your golf bag, yoga mat bag, or anywhere else a full-sized towel isn’t needed.

Super Absorbent and Quick Drying

The unique bamboo fabric of the Yoofoss washcloths makes them highly absorbent, more so than regular cotton. Yet they still dry quickly after use, thanks to the breathability of the bamboo fibers.

Durable and Machine Washable

These washcloths are made to last through many cycles in the washing machine. They hold up well to repeated use and laundering. The bamboo fabric even gets softer and fluffier with washing.

Chemical Free and Eco-Friendly

No chemicals are used in making these bamboo washcloths. They are a sustainable choice free of toxins, making them ideal for sensitive skin or baby care.

Luxury Hotel Quality for Home

With their ultra-soft feel and excellent absorbency, these Yoofoss washcloths bring luxury hotel quality to your own bathroom. Pamper yourself affordably with the comfort of bamboo.

Uses for These Multipurpose Bamboo Washcloths

This convenient 10-pack of washcloths provides enough to use all around your home:

– Keep several washcloths by the bathroom sink for freshening up.

– Use in the kitchen for drying hands and dishes.

– Take them camping or traveling for an ultra-soft touch.

– Keep some handy in your yoga or gym bag.

– Carry in your golf bag to wipe hands and equipment.

– Use for baby bath time or diaper changes.

– Give some as gifts for bridal showers, birthdays, holidays.

Wherever you need a small absorbent towel, these multipurpose bamboo washcloths fit the bill. They bring spa-like luxury to your daily routines.

Care Instructions:

– Machine wash cold

– Tumble dry low

– Avoid bleach

– Wash before first use to increase softness

Buy Luxuriously Soft Yet Highly Absorbent Bamboo Washcloths for All Your Needs

Pamper yourself affordably with the everyday luxury of these Yoofoss bamboo washcloths. Softer than cotton and more absorbent, they make caring for your skin a comfortable experience. Pick up this convenient 10-pack to enjoy the softness of bamboo all around your home.


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